Lead Management

Lead Management is an Essential Part of Your Marketing

Lead Management is something all businesses should be concerned about. In this week's blog post, Richard is talking about why it's imporant, and how it can be managed effectively. Online marketing strategies are not simply about creating brand awareness and building an online community around a business, although these are important aspects to consider. At emarkable, we understand the aspects of marketing...
Marketing Automation

Should your business be using marketing automation?

Marketing Automation is the future of digital marketing. Although it doesn't take the work out of marketing (far from it), it does make more valuable processes a lot less time consuming, and much more effective. So, the question is: Should your business be using marketing automation? Yes Marketing Automation is kind of a big deal in the world of business sales and...
Emarkable.ie - Digital Marketing Strategies

Inbound Marketing to-do list – Weekly

10 Weekly Inbound Marketing Tasks   Weekly check-ins keep your inbound marketing campaigns on track and progressing toward larger outcomes. Remember to keep focused on the agreed objectives and goals, avoid distractions.   Review last week’s results. Check your dashboards for analytics trends and returns so you can build on that momentum (or make up for a lack of it) this week. From...
Top 9 Linkedin Tips

Top 9 LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn launched in 2003 and is currently the third most popular social network in terms of unique monthly visitors - right behind Facebook and Twitter. Think Facebook, but with a more professional feel. With more than 347 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals - primarily centered around careers. If you're a business on LinkedIn, it can also be a fantastic...
eCommerce button design

eCommerce Call to Actions

Call to Action buttons play a key role in the entire checkout process. Technically, they submit the information entered in forms by the customer to the web server for processing and fulfillment. From a customer experience point of view, they are the calls-to-action that drive the customer towards checkout completion. (more…)