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Are you exporting already and want to export more?

Or are you an Irish business looking at the possibility of exporting your product? In these times of Brexit, and international uncertainty, you may be looking to move from exporting to the UK to exporting to a new market within the EU.

Brexit may be putting up barriers, but in the digital world, barriers are breaking down. It’s now much easier to export to any country – provided you have the digital and localised expertise to do so. Do you need US Marketing assistance?

Emarkable has the experience, the expertise and the excellence in standards to bring you into new export markets. Download 27 digital marketing tips for export companies.

Export Marketing - Enterprise Ireland grant assistance available

The Emarkable Export Marketing Programme

Emarkable’s international marketing business model is a framework that companies use to expand their operations and sales into international markets. The model typically involves conducting market research to identify potential target markets, developing a marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and distribution) that is tailored to the specific needs of those markets, and implementing a marketing plan that considers cultural, economic, and legal differences between countries. Book a Consultation

Emarkable’s model emphasises the importance of conducting thorough research on international markets and customers, taking action by implementing a marketing plan, monitoring and controlling the performance of the plan, and evaluating the results to make adjustments and improvements. Emarkable’s methodology is a comprehensive and systematic approach that helps companies navigate the complexities of international marketing and achieve success in new markets.

Are you an Enterprise Ireland Client?

Enterprise Ireland’s Digital Marketing Unit (DMU)

Enterprise Ireland’s Digital Marketing Unit (DMU) is focused on helping export-focused clients across all sectors to exploit the Internet as a route to market and to assist them in developing a strategy that will shape how they do business online. The DMU provides a range of services, including strategic guidance, workshops and seminars and funding support, based on the recommendation of your Development Adviser.

Under Enterprise Ireland’s Business Process Improvement Grant, client companies can apply for grant support for Digital Marketing Capability support (formerly known as the e-Marketing Improvement Assignment). This support is designed to assist senior managers in client companies to maximise the opportunities presented by the Internet as a business development channel. Through the use of one-to-one training and action-based learning, consultants/trainers will work with clients to plan and implement significant strategic e-marketing projects.

Talk to us if you feel Enterprise Ireland can assist.

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Develop a clear and focused strategic Digital Marketing Plan directed at the export market

Do your Export Homework

  • Understand your potential customers and their culture, language and preferences
  • Understand your market, its nuances, differences and complexities
  • Understand your route to market

EXPORT marketing programmes.

  • Emarkable works with many Irish and Multinational companies to sell into new markets in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium and the Middle East.
  • Emarkable works with companies based in the US, UK and Middle East to increase their sales in their own domestic market and other export markets.
  • Emarkable works on generating connections and developing engagement with prospective customers
  • Emarkable works with companies that provide complex solutions.

Emarkable Works With Your Company To Produce Sales Ready Leads For Your Export Business.

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