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Emarkable generates revenue opportunities for B2B Companies

We work with companies to generate revenue opportunities using digital marketing, in particular, using Inbound Marketing Services and Marketing Automation Services. Our unique process, a combination of Digital Strategy, content development, marketing automation, email marketing and social media marketing, has resulted in our customers succeeding in new markets and emarkable becoming a leading Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Ireland.

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How We Do It

Jay Conrad Levinson (The father of Guerrilla Marketing) has a simple formula: only 4% of your target audience is in the “buy” phase of the sales process. Another 4% is in the research phase, and the remaining 92% is not in the sales process at all, and won’t be any time soon.

You must understand that the key to success is harvesting the 4% in the research phase, and the 92% that is not in the process at all yet. Why? Imprinting your brand on THIS audience from an early point will guarantee that you’re the first person on their mind when they are in the market. This is your Digital Strategy.

The Emarkable Inbound Marketing Process

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As your business is different with unique goals, unique products or services, audiences and budgets, we tailor your Digital Marketing Strategy to your unique situation.

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Our Work

With almost 2 decades behind us, Emarkable has been working solidly with a wide range of businesses throughout Ireland, UK, US and Middle East.

Whatever your business model, chances are we have worked with a business with similar aspirations as yours, and achieved the required results.

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