Inbound Marketing to-do list – Weekly

10 Weekly Inbound Marketing Tasks


Weekly check-ins keep your inbound marketing campaigns on track and progressing toward larger outcomes. Remember to keep focused on the agreed objectives and goals, avoid distractions.


  1. Review last week’s results. Check your dashboards for analytics trends and returns so you can build on that momentum (or make up for a lack of it) this week.
  2. From a project standpoint, check out what you completed last week and what you have on tap this week. Update your to-do lists—especially if you share them with a client, manager, or team.
  3. Send a weekly update to your team or client, which outlines status on priority projects and progress toward weekly and monthly campaign goals (visits, links, leads, etc.).
  4. Draft and submit a guest blog post to expand your network and maintain fresh inbound links.
  5. Give your website some TLC. Check out your page analytics  and fix the top 5 errors, evaluate a call-to-action, or check out A/B testing and improve a page based on those results.
  6. Mix up your content. Publish in a new format—be it a video, podcast, or content visualisation—or consider repurposing an old piece in a new way.
  7. Send a blogger or media contact an email—not a pitch—that compliments a recent article well done.
  8. Send an email to a targeted list. Based on your standing against the month’s goals, is there a contact list you can reach out to with a great content asset or exclusive offer?
  9. Tweak a lead nurturing campaign, whether that means including a new offer, evaluating the effectiveness of the workflow, or triggering a brand new one.
  10. Hold a weekly meeting with your sales team to evaluate new leads and refine the marketing-to-sales handoff.

Source: Hubspot

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Richard Coen

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