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Short on time? Our actionable, step based Quick Wins can help you to focus and improve your marketing results, fast.

Are you tired of struggling to see real results from your digital marketing efforts? Our team of experts has developed a series of insights that can help you quickly achieve the results you’ve been looking for.

Our quick wins are based on proven strategies and techniques, and are designed to deliver fast and impactful results. Whether you’re looking to improve your search engine rankings, drive more traffic to your website, or increase conversions, our Quick Wins can help you achieve your goals.

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we take a tailored approach to our quick wins. Our team will work with you to identify the best strategies for your specific needs, and will provide you with a customised plan of action.

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38 Quick Wins 

How to plan and promote a high-converting webinar

Learn the steps it takes to effectively plan, promote and increase your webinar’s conversion rate.

30 minutes

Re-engineer your meta data to boost SEO success

Re-engineer your meta data to boost your website’s position in search engine results and grow your audience

30 minutes

Design a welcome email journey

Learn 20 features you can use for your first welcome email and 10 additional options to make follow-up nurture emails more effective

30 minutes

360 degree content marketing audit

Increase leads and sales by accessing and improving your content with a full 360 content marketing audit

45 minutes

How to do A/B tests with Google Optimize

Explore what A/B testing is, and what process you should use to build a test using the free Google Optimize service

60 minutes

How to analyze content for SEO in Google Search Console

Identify areas for improved reach and conversion by using Google Search Console to analyze your current content’s performance.

45 minutes

How to audit technical SEO issues with Google Search Console

Review the technical SEO for your website to discover crawling and indexing errors that reduce your visibility in Google’s index.

45 mins

How to do website user testing to increase conversions

Learn why you should be doing user testing, how to create a hypothesis for a test and how to pitch and write user test scripts

30 minutes

Conduct SEO technical audits

Learn how to audit your website’s SEO performance to identify improvements

60 minutes

How to do a backlink audit

Social selling and why it’s effective

Locate, connect and engage with more of the right people on LinkedIn to turn them into paying clients

20 minutes

Run an effective CSAT survey

Learn tips, tools, and questions for customer satisfaction surveys that will help you learn what people really think of your brand

25 minutes

How to do Facebook retargeting

Learn how to find and promote yourself to advertising to segments that will benefit your business, use Facebook Pixel, set up dynamic ads, and improve your retargeting tactics

30 minutes

Online copywriting essentials

Learn the principles behind effective online copywriting that you can apply to all content on your site

30 mins

How to get quality backlinks

Copywriting for an effective sales letter or email

Sell better, write more efficiently, and quickly learn how to craft your communications to get the best response and return

60 minutes

Copywriting for paid media

Learn the best practices for writing online advertising in line with your paid media strategy to ensure you make every word count

20 mins

Copywriting for B2B and B2C product pages

Review your approach to writing product page content to encourage purchase

30 mins

How to set up a micro-influencer campaign

Learn new and efficient ways of promoting a business through micro-influencer marketing, generating brand awareness, driving more traffic, and boosting leads and sales.

20 minutes

How to build a successful LinkedIn advertising campaign

Learn how to use LinkedIn Ads effectively so you get the best quality leads for the lowest possible cost

45 mins

How to work with Instagram influencers

Learn how to get started with Instagram influencer marketing, find the right Instagram influencers to work with, and start promoting your brand to millions of potential new customers

30 mins

How to optimize your mobile lead generation

Learn best practices for mobile user experience and start nurturing prospects no matter where they go by optimizing your mobile lead generation

45 mins

How to sell on eBay

Grow your sales by getting your products in front of millions of daily third-party selling e-commerce users

30 mins

How to use blogging for lead generation

Learn why blogging is one of the most cost-effective lead generation tactics for businesses and how you can make improvements to your existing blog content

30 mins

How to set up a Google Ads campaign

Learn how to set up Google Ad campaigns or audit your existing campaigns

30 mins

How to set up Google Display Network campaigns

Learn how to plan and implement a successful GDN advertising campaign

20 mins

How to use Facebook Attribution

Discover the digital marketing game changer that is people-based measurement

30 mins

How to use Facebook Instant Experiences (Canvas Ads)

Learn how to set up and use Facebook Instant Experiences (formerly Facebook Canvas)

30 minutes

How to build your email list

Discover our top tips to grow your email list while protecting your customers’ data and maintaining quality

20 minutes

How to start podcasting for marketing

Learn how you can use podcasts to market your business and connect with customers wherever they go.

40 mins

How to optimize Facebook and Instagram ads

Optimize your Facebook and Instagram Ads so you get the best results even with a limited budget

45 mins

How to improve your homepage effectiveness

Actions you can quickly add to your homepage to increase conversions, drive engagement, and keep visitors on your site.

60 minutes

How to structure Facebook ad campaigns effectively

Learn how to set your Facebook ads up for success by effectively planning your ad campaigns around the buyer journey.

30 mins

Using Facebook Messenger marketing to acquire more leads and customers

Discover different messenger techniques to reach new prospects, create awareness, support evaluation and improve conversions for your products/services

60 minutes

3 killer conversion boosters for e-commerce websites

Your category and product pages are critical decision points for your customers. If you don’t persuade them to act, you’re missing dozens of chances to grow your revenue ever day.

40 minutes

3 techniques to increase your website leads

Use forward and reverse path analysis in Google Analytics and follow our step-by-step recommendations to learn practical techniques to increase your website leads

30 mins

How to improve your email newsletter

Unlock some quick hacks to improve your email newsletter to help you increase ROI and audience engagement

30 minutes

Copywriting hacks for social media marketing

Whether you are inheriting the management of existing social media platforms or setting things up from scratch, getting the basic copywriting principles right first is essential for success

30 mins

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