Converting Leads into Sales

Converting Leads into sales using Marketing Automation tools.

  • Lead Intelligence – Know which pages your leads view and when they return to your site. Lead scores are generated for all leads so you know who to contact first. Emarkable’s marketing automation platform allows you to track website behavior and lead scoring in real-time, so you always know who to contact first.
  • Segment leads – Leads are segmented into lists based on the form they complete or the information you collect. This allows you to quickly send targeted messages to specific groups of leads. Emarkable’s advanced list segmentation feature allows you to create highly targeted lists based on a variety of criteria, such as lead score, form submissions, and website behaviour.
  • Lead Nurturing – Various lead nurturing campaigns are developed to further educate “Top of the Funnel” leads down to sales. Emarkable’s lead nurturing campaigns allow you to create automated drip campaigns that nurture leads at the right time, with the right message
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing is used to send timely messages to all contacts in your system. Emarkable’s email marketing feature allows you to create and send targeted, personalised emails to your leads, as well as track open rates, click-throughs, and conversions
  • CRM Integration – Integrate Customer Relationship Management software for an improved sales process and closed-loop marketing campaigns. Our CRM allows you to manage all your leads, contacts, and opportunities in one place and provides you with detailed reporting on your sales pipeline.

Marketing automation is used to perform these laborious tasks cost-effectively and hands-free! Emarkable’s marketing automation platform provides all these features in one place that helps you automate, simplify and streamline your sales process.

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