Digital Marketing Assessment

Overview and Objectives

The digital marketing assessment programme has been specifically designed to assist EI clients in all sectors to evaluate and determine the value of its existing digital assets (website, social media and email etc.). It will help senior managers to understand the importance and impact that a customer centric online presence can have for the business from a lead generation and talent acquisition perspectives.

Through a best practice and competitor benchmarking review process companies can get a snapshot of how they rate and what changes need to be made to improve its online market reach and to enhance business relevance to existing and potential customers.

From an online perspective many companies are unaware of how they are perceived by their customers. In many cases their web presence is irrelevant and outdated and not representative of the current products and services now being offered. Customers don’t understand what the company’s business is and what it can do for them. In many cases the website is not even visible to the target customers in the target markets.

Are You Ready to be Remarkable

The Digital Marketing Assessment will supplement and stimulate the clients digital marketing journey and help and assist the business to structure and plan for the future.

The Programme is structured and will be delivered as follows:

Pillar 1 Strategic Focus

  • Business review with senior management team
  • Position the importance and benefits of best practice Digital Marketing
  • Define clients commercial and digital marketing objectives
  • Define customers’ digital journey

Pillar 2 Review and Audit of current Digital Assets

  • SEO and Keyword Analysis
  • Website ranking and Google ranking
  • Website performance
  • UX, traffic analysis and health check
  • Branding and Design
  • Value Proposition – customer relevance
  • PPC
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • International market localization review
  • Top level security review of website and hosting server

Pillar 3 Assessment of existing in-house skills

  • Internal digital skills assessment
  • Identify gaps
  • Identify training needs
  • Hiring needs


Agency and client to develop an Action Plan/Roadmap with recommendations on the way forward with
objectives converted into key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Engagement Process

  1. Development Advisor refers client to the Digital Marketing Unit (DMU)
  2. DMU meets client to assess digital needs and journey position.
  3. DMU make recommendation to client to identify an agency to work with on the DMA –
    (guideline on work to be undertaken to be supplied to client)
  4. Client selects agency/consultant and notifies DMU
  5. DMU arranges access to application on the EI Online application system.

Application for DMA to be managed through Strategic Consultancy (Short Version) grant. 7 Days x €900 @80% = €5,000 Grant Client contribution of €1,300