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Online Retail Scheme (no dates for 2024 confirmed)

The goal of the Online Retail Scheme is to assist Irish-based retailers who already have an online presence in the following ways:

  • Respond to both domestic and international consumer demand for online shopping
  • Strengthen small retailers in finding and retaining customers with their existing infrastructure
  • Protect their physical operation by enabling growth through an online marketplace and new shopping avenues
  • Upskill and retain existing staff or/and create new e-commerce roles

Who is Eligible?

If you are an Irish-owned retail business with ten or more full-time employees, the ability to sustain or create jobs, produce growth in online transactions, and the desire to expand internationally in the future – this grant is for you.

Call open: 4th April 2023 (2024 timeline not announced yet)

Call close: 3rd May 2023 this programme is closed for 2023, are you interested in getting assistance with your online retail business? Contact us now

What’s Involved?

We will guide you through the process

Typical expenditures associated with building a comprehensive and effective web presence and strategy include research, strategy formulation and implementation consulting fees, and in-house training.

 Emarkable is a Digital Consultancy Company that has professional experience with the Enterprise Ireland Online Retail Scheme and we can assist you in your application and future implementation of your digital strategy. See our case studies here


Analyse your company’s current and projected online presence and capabilities, as well as its target audience and brand. This research should assist you in making informed decisions about online marketing channel optimisation, web functionality, payment system specification, catalog presentation, supply chain management, consolidated inventory systems, order fulfilment, and consumer experience, among other things.

Strategy Development

  • Development of a defined digital strategy and an implementation plan that takes into account resource and business process considerations.
  • Identify how your company’s value proposition should be exhibited online, including which components should be highlighted and how best to offer it to online customers.
  • Assisting the entire business plan by ensuring that your company’s internet presence is adequately utilised / optimised to achieve its maximum potential.
  • Taking into account an omnichannel offering (including marketplaces and social media).


  • Increasing your company’s online visibility both domestically and internationally (e.g. web enhancement and localisation, associated business process enhancements, search engine optimisation etc.)
  • Increasing the functionality of connected “back end” systems (e.g. product presentation, supply chain management, systems integration to improve consumer experience etc.).


  • In-house training and/or consulting to assist the team and internal project champion in maintaining a solid online retail operation, including e-marketing, catalogue management, and e-commerce technologies. Emarkable has a training  Academy.


Online Retail Scheme 2023 (2024 information not available)

For first-time applicants, the grant is calculated at a maximum of 50% of eligible expenditures of up to €50,000.

For applicants who were awarded funding in the previous Online Retail scheme calls, the grant is calculated at a maximum of 50% of eligible expenditure of up to €50,000.

The minimum project expenditure is €20,000.

NOTE: This is different than the 2022 criteria and 2024 is not clarified yet.

How can Emarkable help?

Talk to Emarkable about your Online Retail Scheme application and we can consult and tailor the grant to your exact needs whilst helping you with your application. Once approved, we can then work together in implementing the project to meet your goals for the project duration.

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