“I want to boost my team’s performance”


Every business owner walks a tightrope. We’ve listened to worries over minimal resources, lack of a long-term revenue growth plan, and negligible results for costly efforts. And we’ve answered with the Emarkable Academy – the business owner’s safety net.

Joining our Academy, your marketing team begins a transformational journey of performance and self-improvement. Your team is partnered with their own lead Coach as well as an expert Support Team whose sole purpose is to guide your employees towards revenue growth activites. This is accomplished through a strategic combination of training, coaching, and consultation based on your company’s goals and ambition.

Smart Insights admired our Academy so much that they partnered up with us to provide accredited digital marketing courses along with hundreds of professional templates, guides, and resources for every marketing activity under the sun.


“How does the Academy improve the performance & success 

of my digital marketing team?”

*Each Smart Insights Learning Path has been independently assessed and accredited by the CPD Standards Office, so you can be confident that the quality of the learning and assessment experience has been audited and recognised for its quality.

emarkable academy members
  • A Coach and Support Team will be assigned to your team. These are dedicated partners that work shoulder to shoulder with your marketing staff to train, advise, improve, and monitor their performance and progress.
  • Your team will have access to dozens of marketing templates, guides, and checklists for all tasks — these include templates for using the RACE and SOSTAC strategy frameworks. They’ll be trained on how to complete these templates and be coached on how to use these resources for their job.
emarkable academy 1-1 training
  • As employer, you’ll have access to our Trainee Dashboard, where you can track and measure the growth of your employees month after month. You’ll be able to monitor what courses your staff have started, what percentage of it they’ve completed, and the last time they logged in to work on their training.
  • Your employees have the option to join our Peer Group, an online mastermind group made up of digital marketing professionals across a variety of industries (service, construction, engineering, pharmaceutical, and more). Professionals have said that being part of this group has given them “confidence and motivation”, improving their performance and accountability mindset at work.
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People Also Ask

What does Emarkable Academy have that I can't find anywhere else?

We’ve been in the digital marketing game since 2001. We’ve watched industries and trends rise and fall, and we’ve always documented what works and what doesn’t. With us, you can expect devoted focus on improving your team’s performance and skill level. Working with you, is a specialised Academy team of 9 experts with over 50 years of collective marketing and business experience: 

  • Richard Coen, Strategy Expert, LinkedIn
  • Celia Deverell, Accounts Expert, LinkedIn
  • Maxim Sirotkin, Web Development Expert, LinkedIn
  • Maria Cunningham, Design Expert, LinkedIn
  • Aoife Kavanagh, User Experience Expert, LinkedIn
  • Sean Dempsey, Search Engine Marketing Expert, LinkedIn
  • Patrick Fox, Research & Development Expert, LinkedIn
  • Darren McNelis, Digital Marketing Expert, LinkedIn
  • Laura Gallagher, Social Media Expert, LinkedIn

Feel free to reach out and connect with us on LinkedIn.

What options does the Academy offer in terms of commitment?

We can be like a booster shot – where we swiftly integrate with your team for a short period of time (3-6 months) and supercharge their productivity and performance.

Or we can be like the seed of an oak tree – where we establish pillars of wisdom, strength, and endurance to your marketing team and facilitate the foundation for more efficient processes and operations.

It’s entirely up to you on how long we work together.

How can I measure the value of the Academy each month?

Easily. When you join the Academy, the first thing we’ll do is create a Team Training Dashboard. This will track all of your team’s progress and will allow you to monitor them any time as they engage with the Academy. Additionally, your Coach will present a Progress Report to you at the end of each month and will outline the KPIs for your team for next month.

“I’m ready to BOOST my team’s performance!”

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