Digital Marketing job descriptions and roles-Digital Account Manager/Sales Director

What’s the aim of these 15 templates?

This are practical templates to support managers when recruiting digital marketing specialists to resource digital marketing activities within their team structure.

The job descriptions in this template are intended to help identify the right type of role and the right type of person to improve digital marketing’s contribution within an organisation.

By defining clear competencies required by an organisation, we intend to save you time when creating job descriptions to advertise for new recruits or recruiting into existing digital marketing roles.

The role descriptions may also be useful for updating existing employee job roles. In some companies, HR training plans are created against job skills. These are linked closely to performance objectives, and the focus is to retrain current marketing staff through CPD (continuing professional development), courses, exhibitions or external courses. Where companies are under-resourced in digital marketing or current staff do not have the motivation to upskill, then the company will need to recruit externally and employ those who can literally ‘hit the ground running’!

We have identified 15 of the most important roles based on an analysis of advertised roles across a range of recruitment agencies and direct from employers. The roles are focused on key digital marketing skills, including CRM, Analytics, Search, PPC, Social Media, Social Media Platform Development and the management of digital platforms and tools across agencies and client-side.

Candidate selection criteria covered within the job descriptions

The templates provide the following sections: variation of job titles, junior roles to support this role, location, industry, client/agency-side, summary scope, main duties, person specifications (soft and hard skills), and current average salary.

When companies are aiming to recruit staff in these roles, we believe this is a useful framework to apply in both writing the job specification and to help with scoring key desirable and essential skills during the interview stage. It may also be useful to check if anyone currently in the organization has these skills. If so, and if there is room to up-skill and the structure is right for the new role, pitching it internally to this candidate at the right salary can be a great move.

From a candidate’s perspective, or someone seeking a new role, the detailed criteria will help them highlight key skills on their CV which employers are looking for or even show skills which they are aiming to develop.

Job description for Digital Account Manager/Sales Director

The Digital Account Manager or Sales Director roles are agency roles. It is basically the traditional account management agency role with digital marketing accountabilities.

The seniority of these roles is reflected by the salaries and job descriptions, which can determine different specifications e.g. some ask for very specific digital marketing skills rather than management/leadership responsibilities. The common theme is the overarching responsibility for managing and delivering digital marketing campaigns.

Depending upon the sector, some roles are focussed towards one specific digital channel such as video, or ad serving, whereas others are more multi-channel focussed e.g. SEO, PPC, email marketing, mobile etc.

1. Role:

The variation on the job titles include: Digital Account Director, Digital Agency Account Manager, Sales Director for Social Media Platforms, Sales Director (plus specialism e.g. sector or digital area), Account Director (plus specialism e.g. integrated, research, channel marketing), Digital Sales Account Manager and Customer Success Manager

2. Junior roles within the team

The more junior roles are advertised as: Junior Digital Account Executive, Junior Account Manager, Senior Digital Account Executive and Sales Executive (Rich Media).

3. Location
4. Industry sector
5. Client/agency side
6. Summary/scope of role
7. Main duties/areas of responsibility
8. Person Spec: Skills and Experience

Management/Softer Skills

  • Develop and nurture client relationships and close the ‘sale’.
  • Write briefs with detailed functionality specifications (e.g. wire framing).
  • Brief and manage creative teams, and understand all processes and platforms.
  • Monitor projects to ensure that they are delivered on time and within budget.
  • Responsible for forecasting and profitability, reporting on ROI and maximizing financial revenue.
  • Explore new partnership clients.
  • Ability to work with and manage multi-disciplinary teams i.e. brand, research, technical, etc.
  • Ensure customers are fully briefed and kept up to date with all digital marketing opportunities to reflect their business.
  • Problem solve with solutions that yield business impact.
  • Responsible for the quality of service and delivery of all integrated campaigns across all channels including SEO, PPC, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Responsible for on-line PR strategies and content where required.

Management/Softer Skills

  • Goal oriented.
  • Fun, dynamic person.
  • Comfortable with troubleshooting and works well under pressure.
  • Work independently and self-motivated.
  • Ability to motivate a team.
  • Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Problem-solving and project management skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Passion for technology.
  • Passion for client satisfaction.
  • Passion for revenue and efficiency.
  • Excellent communication skills and open to ideas and feedback.
  • Ability to manage complex projects.
  • Ability to write complex integrated digital campaign briefs.
  • Innovative and creative mind.
  • Experience of working on global brand.
  • Ability to delegate, coach and inspirer.
  • Naturally charismatic.
  • Great attention to detail.
  • Understand the client’s technology, products, services and market.
  • Sales person with associated sales skills – passion to win business and good at negotiation.
  • Proven experience of revenue generation.

Technical/Specific Experience

  • Digital expert that stays abreast of digital and market trends.
  • Understand analytics and software packages.
  • Understanding of social media engagement strategies and successful attributes.
  • Knowledge of social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter etc.) and deployment strategies.
  • Experience of content creation.
  • Understanding of interactive strategy.
  • Experience in particular sectors (for some roles).
  • Understanding of brand strategy and deployment.
  • Experience of working on global brands.
  • Some roles ask for understanding of CRM, mobile and website design and build.
  • Some roles ask for understanding of CMS systems and email marketing.
  • Some sales roles ask for specifics around the product/service (working with large brands, FMCG, etc.)
  • Some ask for experience in digital tools/platforms i.e. video/ad serving tools
9. Core competencies

These tend to be required for public sector roles and private companies can interview candidates based on competencies. Some may include prior experience interacting with the public sector as being desirable, leadership, communication, creativity, project management, financial and problem-solving.

10. Professional qualifications and associations

· BSc/BA or equivalent experience required.

· Digital or online advertising industry experience preferred.

· Varies from three to four or seven to ten years’ experience in a Digital Marketing Agency or similar environment.

List of Roles

  1. Analytics Manager
  2. Content Manager/Content Marketing Manager
  3. CRM Manager (Incorporating Email Marketing and Marketing Automation)
  4. Digital Account Manager/Sales Director (Agency Role)
  5. Digital Director/Head of Digital
  6. Digital Copywriter Digital
  7. Marketing Manager or Web Manager
  8. E-commerce Manager
  9. Marketing Director
  10. Marketing Executive
  11. Marketing Manager
  12. PPC (Google Ads) Search Manager (or Digital Acquisition Manager)
  13. Search Manager
  14. Social Media Manager including Community Manager
  15. Web Developer/Designer

How can Emarkable help:

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  • Recruitment Support: Emarkable offers assistance in the selection and recruitment process for assembling high-performing digital marketing teams.
  • Onboarding Assistance: Emarkable facilitates a seamless onboarding process for new recruits, ensuring they integrate smoothly into the team and understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Ongoing Support: Through our Evolve programme, Emarkable collaborates with your company to develop a detailed activity plan aligned with your business strategy. We provide ongoing support to implement the plan, ensuring sustained growth and success.