Content Calendar Essentials

Content is always the king. You need a plan on how to develop this content so that your audience has relevant information delivered regularly. One way to plan the content is to use a content calendar. Here is a quick overview of a calendar.

What is a Content Calendar?

A content calendar is a spreadsheet or a planner that details the type of content you will be publishing in the near future and specifies the exact dates you will be doing so. It is part of your content strategy to ensure that the content team delivers within the set deadlines and produces a variety of content according to your objectives.

How to Build a Content Calendar

Here are a few steps to making a content plan that is effective and meets your different objectives.

Brainstorm the Content Ideas You Need
Start by determining the content that meets your audience’s needs and your brand’s persona. You could have case studies, guides, reading lists, news, interviews and customer success stories, among others.

Determine Which Channels You Will Use And When You Will Publish
You could post your content in a blog, on a website, on video sites like YouTube and Vimeo, via email, or on social media networks. You could mix them up in your schedule so that there is new content on each platform regularly. Create a realistic content frequency for publishing.

Map Everything Out on a Spreadsheet
Make a spreadsheet that includes the title of your content, its author, the date it will be published, and the content’s details. You should also include the marketing goals and keywords to use, as well as a section to show the status of the draft.

Plan, Schedule and Publish
Work with your team to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Have regular meetings, usually after a content period (it could be monthly or quarterly), where you discuss the performance. Ensure that content timelines are realistic so that the content is ready before the scheduled publish date. Finally, review whether it meets your content marketing goals and adjust accordingly.

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