27 Tips for Engineers Using Digital Marketing

Did you know that Digital Marketing is not just for marketers and promoters?

Just like engineers, digital marketing deals with data.  This data is then used to create marketing strategies that can be easily measured and tweaked.

Because you are an engineer, not a marketer, we know that you’ll need some advice to get started.

We’ve selected 9 from our 27 Digital Marketing Tips for Engineers that will help you take your business to the top.

  1. Identify Your Potential Clients:  Look at past clients and note any similarities.  Knowing your different types of clients can help you to speak to them with an appropriate tone and language that will resonate with them
  2. Your Website:  Have you considered how your website affects user experience?  If a user struggles to find their way around your website, they will quickly look elsewhere.
  3. Call to action:  is there a clearly defined call to action on your website?  Is it on every page? Make contacting you as simple as possible.
  4. Contact Forms:  Contact forms are a great addition to any website.  They can be used to create a mailing list or to field enquiries/questions/queries.
  5. Social Media:  Not just for fun, social media can really help to drive business.  Facebook/Twitter/Instagram are great for reaching potential customers in an indirect way.  The likes of LinkedIn are becoming increasingly popular for businesses too and if you are not on LinkedIn yet, you should definitely start.
  6. Measure Everything:  With analytics software such as Google Analytics, you can really see how your results are working.  Website traffic, pay per click can all be measured in-depth and then refined.
  7. Publish Blogs:  Blog posts are a fantastic way to keep your audience interested in your expertise, company or industry.
  8. Strategies:  Develop a clear objective of what you want to achieve.  Looking to increase your client base or expand into B2B operations?  When you know what you want, you can develop a strategy to achieve it.
  9. Tell Your Story:  Collect reviews and testimonies from previous clients.  This is invaluable when it comes to trust. Use high-quality imagery that shows how you helped to solve your client’s problems.
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Celia Deverell

A driven digital marketer who is passionate about education. Trained in Community Rural Development and skilled specifically in Project Management. A team player with a common-sense approach to coordinating team activities.