Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Development Scheme

The Blue Economy refers to the sustainable use and management of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and preserving marine ecosystems. It encompasses various sectors and activities that utilise and benefit from the ocean, including fisheries, aquaculture, maritime transport, renewable energy, tourism, biotechnology, and coastal development.

The concept of the Blue Economy recognises the significant economic potential of oceans and their resources while emphasizing the need for responsible and environmentally-friendly practices. It seeks to promote sustainable development and balance economic growth with the conservation and protection of marine ecosystems.

Key principles of the Blue Economy include:

  • Sustainable Use: Ensuring the responsible utilization of ocean resources, such as fish stocks and minerals, to maintain their productivity and avoid depletion.
  • Conservation and Biodiversity: Preserving marine ecosystems, protecting biodiversity, and mitigating the impact of human activities on the ocean environment.
  • Social Inclusivity: Promoting equitable access to and benefits from ocean resources, considering the livelihoods and well-being of coastal communities.
  • Innovation and Technology: Encouraging the development and deployment of innovative solutions and technologies that support sustainable practices in various ocean-related sectors.
  • Collaboration and Governance: Encouraging international cooperation, public-private partnerships, and effective governance frameworks to address common challenges and ensure the sustainable management of ocean resources.

The Blue Economy concept has gained global attention as a framework for sustainable development and has been incorporated into various policy initiatives and discussions, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).

Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Development Scheme

This is a new initiative to counter the adverse economic and social consequences of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on businesses operating in the blue economy in Ireland. Our aim is to support companies located in communities within 10km of the coastline and engaged in the blue economy to develop their businesses and allow them to maximise current and future opportunities, as well as adapt to the new market realities and opportunities post-Brexit.

Project Type 2 – Business Mentoring and Capacity Development

If you are a micro or small enterprise engaged in the blue economy and looking to grow and develop your business, we can help. Project Type 2 of the Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Development Scheme offers eligible companies participation in recognised business mentoring and capacity-building projects that meet BIM criteria, with maximum grant aid of €10,000 or 50% of the cost, whichever is lower.

Eligible activities for business mentoring include product/process development, business model development, service delivery and customer experience improvement, new service development, business planning or strategy development, financial planning, marketing and promotion, mentoring in respect of website planning, export and distribution.

Projects must be completed by 30th September 2023.

For businesses operating in the blue economy or looking to venture into this sector, I encourage you to contact Emarkable. They specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for the maritime and coastal industries, offering expertise in sustainable practices, technological advancements, and business development. Unlock the potential of the Blue Economy while safeguarding marine ecosystems by reaching out to Emarkable today.

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