Top 10 Tips for B2B Marketing Automation Success

Interested in dramatic increases in lead generation?  You’ve come to the right place!

Are you a B2B business owner considering taking advantage of the power of marketing automation? chances are you’re wondering how it can best benefit your business. We’ve put together some tips you can use to get the most out of your marketing automation alternatives.

1. It’s NOT Email – Don’t make the basic mistake and think that B2B marketing automation is all about implementing email marketing systems. While these are a vital part of marketing automation, there are a lot more tools available to you that can help you increase conversions and grow your business.

2. Define your Goals – Make sure that your marketing automation goals are in line with your business goals – this means clearly identifying what you expect to achieve. Do you want to improve the number of leads, the quality of leads? Do you want to increase conversion rates? Do you want to enhance visibility and reach a wider audience? Knowing what you want makes it easier to measure the effectiveness of your marketing automation systems.

3. Make it Personal – Email Content Automation is the hot new trend when it comes to marketing automation – it enables you to automate the content to show each email recipient specific to their individual browsing behaviour for a truly personalised experience.

4. Be Social – Social media is a vital component of B2B marketing so it’s essential to find ways to integrate your social media strategy with your marketing automation software. Look for marketing automation software that offer social media scheduling tools so that you can save yourself time by scheduling social media updates directly from your marketing automation system.

5. KIS – Keep It Simple – 1. If you use a Contact Form on your website to gain information on your prospective clients, make sure that you keep it as simple as possible. The marketing automation software you choose should be able to collect much of the information you need through cookies.

6. Measure ROI – You can use your marketing automation software to calculate the return on investment (ROI) on your marketing outreach activities to gain valuable insights into what does and doesn’t work effectively for you.

7. Dive Deep – Use the marketing automation software to break down your outreach strategy and analyse individual campaigns in depth to evaluate their effectiveness.

8. Retarget – Marketing automation should be combined with retargeting so that you can use the data collected to segment prospects on an individual basis and nurture each through the customer journey.

9. React – Make sure that your marketing automation software allows you to add or remove an individual from a retargeting campaign based on behavioural data that you track within the marketing automation tool so that you can stop retargeting when they are sales ready.

10. Synchronise – Choose marketing automation software that keeps track of all retargeting activity so that your online advertising can be synched with your marketing automation so that you can follow up instantly as each prospect engages.

We hope that you found these Top Ten Tips valuable.  If you’re ready to transform your business with Marketing Automation, then get in touch now for even more tips and tricks to put your business on the path to greater success.

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