What is Apple Pay?

While there is no Irish launch date for Apple Pay just yet, the UK launch has Irish businesses talking.

Twitter was lit up on Tuesday with news of the UK launch of Apple Pay. A lot of people are wondering what exactly it is, and of course we like to keep on top of tech news so we did some sleuthing and found the answers for you.

So, what is Apple Pay?

According to the Apple site itself the new function allows iPhone and Apple watch owners to pay in-store using their devices or through apps like Etsy in a safe and secure fashion. Users simply have to set up their card details on the app and start shopping.

What do businesses need to know about Apple Pay?

According to bytestart.co.uk businesses should be aware that there is a limit similar to the one placed on contactless debit and credit cards, but this falls with your payment network provider. The tech blog recommends not leaping into Apple Pay as a method of customer payment, and we couldn’t agree more. These things require a lot of research before jumping into it, so thankfully we can watch the UK market carefully before it launches in Ireland.

We don’t think it will be long until the handy software is launched here so get researching.

Read bytestart’s full post on Apple Pay HERE.

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Words by Claire Kane. Inbound Marketing Manager at emarkable

Image: Denys Prykhodov / Shutterstock.com

Source: bytestart.co.uk

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