Your readiness for GDPR could have a critical impact on your organisation’s ability to process data and manage information.

Ensure that your organisation remains compliant ahead of the implementation of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018.


GDPR Readiness Assessment – are you ready?

In response to a number of our clients’ concerns regarding their readiness for the new GDPR regulations we have engaged a Data Protection Specialist.

Please note in the months prior to the 25th May we will be very busy with companies and their preparations, so please contact us as early as possible.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on the 25th May 2018, replacing the existing data protection framework under the EU Data Protection Directive.

The Emarkable GDPR Service is a collection of services required for compliance to the regulation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Together, the services provide your business with the essential information security foundation for complying with the regulations. The GDPR service provides the basis on which to build your GDPR compliance programme and enable you to demonstrate due diligence in the event of an incident or a data breach. Designed to be economical and efficient, our service is a repeatable service to keep you compliant at significant cost savings to you.

First Step on Compliance

Most businesses are confused by the regulation of the GDPR and find them difficult to translate into a set of actual controls to implement across the business. With a single process, you can now put in place the security baseline needed to meet the legislation and take the first step to compliance.

STEP 1 – Security Baseline

Emarkable will conduct a workshop with your business stakeholders to establish a strategy and present and explain the prioritised list of actions that will provide the backbone for your project plan and compliance budget. But most importantly, by quickly establishing a security baseline for the protection of your personal and personal sensitive information you will be significantly reducing your risk of a data breach.

GDPR Compliance Gap Analysis

A GDPR Compliance Gap Analysis is the procedure of identifying what your business is currently doing to protect Personal Data comparing that to what it must do to be compliant to the GDPR. The analysis compares your existing policies, procedures and security controls against those recommended to demonstrate compliance to the legislation.

What will Emarkable do?

• Conduct an analysis of your current operations and controls against those required for compliance to the GDPR.
• Interview your business key compliance stakeholders and confirm the evidence produced by your operations and controls against that required by the GDPR.
• Conduct a security vulnerability assessment of your existing exterior-facing IP addresses associated with your network.
• Analyse the findings and produce a detailed report identifying the existing gap between your operations and controls and those required for compliance to the GDPR.
• Produce a prioritised list of activities for your business to undertake to obtain compliance.

What will I receive?
1. A comprehensive gap analysis against the GDPR and report of findings indicating your existing compliance status.
2. A draft project management plan detailing the specific actions required for compliance in order of significance and with data fields allotted to budget, resource and completion dates to help you manage your compliance programme efforts.
3. On-call (telephone/email) support from a data protection compliance consultant to answer any questions, you may have regarding your roadmap to compliance.

Step 2 – Implementation

Implementation activities will include

  • Provide baseline GDPR information security policies for your branding and implementation.
  • Deliver an additional template of recommended “control-level” procedures required for implementing the policies.
  • Conduct a workshop for management and key business stakeholders to ensure their understanding and finalisation of the policies for implementation.
  • Ongoing support