Reach Customers In New Markets

Do you want to sell in France, Germany, Netherlands, US, Canada? Maximise Your Export Opportunities.

Financial Support

The grant provides financial assistance of up to €36,000 or up to 80% of eligible project costs, which can be utilised to implement strategies aimed at expanding your international sales.

Market Research

The grant covers the cost of conducting comprehensive market research, enabling you to gain valuable insights into new markets and identify potential customers and opportunities for growth.

Marketing Collateral Development

With the grant, you can develop effective marketing collateral tailored to your target markets. This includes creating compelling content, localised promotional materials, and impactful branding to attract and engage international customers.

Trade Shows and Events

The grant supports participation in international trade shows and events, providing opportunities to showcase your products or services to a wider audience, establish connections with potential customers, and generate leads for increased sales

Expert Assistance

The grant allows you to hire market experts who can provide guidance and support in developing market entry strategies, understanding local regulations and cultural nuances, and devising effective sales approaches to maximise your international sales potential

Digital Marketing Strategies

The grant assists in implementing digital marketing strategies specifically tailored to each target market. This includes creating targeted online campaigns, optimising your website for international audiences, and utilising digital channels to reach and engage potential customers globally.

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Develop market-driven strategies and value propositions for target markets.

Research – Planning – Implementation

Emarkable is here to help companies that have been negatively impacted by Brexit to identify new market opportunities in new countries, develop a market entry plan, and grow exports in markets outside of the UK.


To be eligible for the Market Growth and Diversification Grant, companies must demonstrate that they have suffered a 5% reduction in UK sales in 2020, 2021, or 2022 compared to 2019 levels.

Enterprise Ireland and Bord Bia/Irish Food Board clients that have been defined as being impacted by Brexit are eligible for this support.

How Can We Help?

Enterprise Ireland is offering up to 80% of the costs incurred in hiring a consultant to a maximum grant amount of €36,000.

Emarkable will work with you to develop a market-driven business strategy and value proposition for target markets, scope market collateral requirements based on customer profiles and segmentation localized for the market, develop a digital marketing strategy for each target market and conduct comprehensive market research including in-market consultancy support.

This programme offers a range of benefits including market entry strategy development, market collateral scoping, digital channel development, and comprehensive market research with consultancy support.

With the assistance of this grant, companies can identify new market opportunities, develop a market entry plan, and grow exports outside of the UK. The programme helps companies develop the strategic capability to diversify their markets and mitigate the impact of Brexit.

  • Develop a market-driven business strategy and value proposition for target markets. Companies can tailor their approach to different markets and make informed decisions about where to invest their resources.
  • Scope market collateral requirements based on customer profiles and segmentation localised for the market. This ensures that companies are delivering the right message to the right audience, increasing their chances of success.
  • Develop a digital marketing strategy for each target market. With digital channels playing an increasingly important role in marketing, this is a crucial element of the programme.
  • Conduct comprehensive market research, including in-market consultancy support. This helps companies gain a deep understanding of their target markets and make informed decisions about their market entry strategy.

The Post-Brexit: Market Growth & Diversification Grant offers Irish companies the opportunity to develop the strategic capability to grow in existing markets and diversify into new ones outside of the UK.

Phases of the Programme

Our programme has three phases:

Phase 1

Strategy Development – Up to 15 days consultancy

  • Set goals, objectives, and KPIs
  • Market research and go-to-market planning
  • Market segmentation
  • Value proposition and messaging
  • Development of buyer personas
  • Assessment of competitor analysis/benchmarking
  • Brand positioning and identity
Phase 2

Planning – Up to 15 days consultancy

  • Identifying partners/resellers
  • Identification/scoping of assets/collateral required
  • Development of a 12-month digital marketing plan
  • Identifying in-market activities
  • Development of strategy and market launch plan
  • Engagement with Enterprise Ireland overseas offices
Phase 3

Ready to Launch – Up to 20 days consultancy

  • Market Visits
  • Working with in-market consultants
  • Further refinement of customer segmentation by market
  • Quantify resource requirements
  • Local market regulations and standards
  • Finalise go-to-market plan

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If you’re interested in applying for the Post-Brexit: Market Growth & Diversification Grant, please contact us today. Emarkable looks forward to working with you to help your business grow and diversify!