The Butchers Block
The Butchers Block

The Client

9 Butcher Shops across Ireland. High visibility brand that refreshed their brand and contacted emarkable so that they could develop a 10th location for selling online.

The Challenge

Develop a business model that can sell fresh produce online at a profit. This was a big logistical undertaking for The Butchers Block and meant that we needed to showcase products and develop a community that would benefit from buying online as well as buying instore.

The Strategy

Develop an online store that showcased the products.

Develop a community within each store location by local advertising and local Google optimisation.

Use social media to engage with the community.

Use email marketing and SMS to develop a loyalty programme and alert subscribers of special offers.


Quality photos was the initial focus…a day(and night) in Dungarvan.

Quality descriptions from Jimmy, the marketing guru.

A flexible pricing structure for the general public with discounts weekly and to loyal customers based on membership details.

Local deliveries and some guerrilla marketing tactics with local enterprises and company specific deals from Andy.

Social Media (Facebook mainly) and email newsletters were developed.

Google rankings were developed..traffic started to hit the site


The Butchers Block developed, in partnership with emarkable, a high quality professional showcase. A business model for logistics and an in-store model for promotions that can be delivered in-house and through its loyalty card. It was a fantastic project to be involved with..setting up a new business from scratch, much more exciting and rewarding than just building a website.

I have a few ideas in mind

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