Brand Development in the UK for Flood Precast

New brand development in the UK through website design for a well established Irish concrete manufacturing company.

About Flood Precast

Flood Precast has over 75 years’ experience in the concrete industry and is recognised as one of the largest precast concrete manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. Already very successful in the home market and were gaining momentum in the UK having successfully completed many large-scale projects in the UK, Flood Precast needed assistance in making digital marketing a strategic part of their business model. Initially the focus was on a new website that would help them promote their flagship products: Super Wideslab Flooring and Super Voidslab Flooring.

The Challenge

Following discussions with the client and while researching the market for the business we assessed that the logo and overall brand identity of Flood Flooring (the company name in Ireland) was a little tired and outdated. More importantly, the company name no longer reflected the wide range of products and services the company now offered. It did not, for example, highlight the company’s expertise in the areas of precast concrete design and value engineering. Flood Precast have a lot of satisfied customers who all spoke about how the Flood Precast design and overall engineering solution enhanced their projects. This proof of success became a core part of the marketing strategy. The collaborative approach we took with the Flood Precast management team allowed us to provide focus and clarity in the value proposition and develop a unique position for Flood Precast in the market place.

Enterprise Ireland provided funding for this programme.

Developing the Brand in Ireland and the UK

We developed a new brand identity for the company and launched the new website in the UK, as well as the Irish site. This dual launch was important to us as it gave the company one overall brand and Flood Precast liked it so much that the parent company, BD Flood, has also now taken on the elements of the new branding and we have developed their website to be in line with the revised Flood branding.

Customer case studies, project details and testimonials were included throughout the site and the site itself was given a clean, crisp modern feel to reflect the professional work the company is doing. Detailed content highlighting successful projects were added to the site and it is easy now to see what the business does and provide extensive information for the user to make an informed decision on the suitability of Flood Precast Products and services for their project.

Digital Marketing Schedule of Activity

The emarkable digital marketing model is based on developing a foundation of processes and methodologies that deliver the goals and objectives identified during the strategic planning process. Now that we had created a solid digital marketing platform we were ready to develop continuous improvement utilising the tactics that were identified using the emarkable digital marketing framework. Once the site was launched and tested, we focused on search engine optimisation, social media development and content marketing. An editorial calendar was also developed to allow the client to concentrate on preparing the right blogs and site updates at the right time. This disciplined approach allowed participation from management, sales and design teams. New content is now produced regularly, optimised and channeled through social media.

We developed presences on all the major social media sites for Flood Precast: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest. Each was optimised and brought into the overall strategy already designed for the company.

Culture change is a big part of the transformation and emarkable’s educational and partnership approach has enabled Flood Precast identify and benefit from the opportunities available.


In 6 months as part of the Digital Marketing process we have redefined their brand identity and market position, designed and built 3 new sites for Flood Precast & BD Flood. As a sign of the success of the search engine optimisation, in the first three months since the project went live, traffic has increased by 419% from the UK and 15 of the top 20 keywords used on the site are now in the top 10 in terms of search engine ranking performance.

Throughout the project our contact in Flood Precast has been John O’Connor, general manager. He has worked with us at every step of the way in developing the strategy and then helping us to implement it. He also supported us in widening the initial programme from a straightforward website to a much larger branding and marketing project.

The results speak for themselves and the project has been a great success for all concerned.

Website Design and Brand Development in the UK for Flood Precast