The Company

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is the representative body for the construction industry in Ireland. A substantial proportion of their income is derived from running providing training courses, and it is the leading provider of Construction Training courses in Ireland. CIF training programmes are the named programmes within the Department of Finance Pre-Qualification documents for construction tenders.

The Challenge

The challenge for Emarkable was to improve the CIF training offer, make it easier to access and understand, draw more people into its training programme and make the whole process more efficient.

The Strategy

Emarkable worked out a strategy to fulfil this challenge. As we developed the strategy it became apparent that a new, separate website was needed to focus on CIF Training as an entity.

A programme was developed and planned to design and build the website – laying out the courses in a newer improved layout. A calendar was to be created along with online courses. We drew up a social media plan – using Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to get the message out. We also planned to use contact data to send special offers on courses and to promote particular courses by email.

The Implementation

A full digital marketing programme was put in place to support the in-house comms team. It comprised:

The Result

Emarkable built a website for CIF Training and developed an e-commerce system for online sales. We also developed a Learning Management System for the delivery of online programmes. We were responsible for marketing the brand online and working closely with inhouse staff to reach CIF goals.

Sales increased dramatically with a six-fold increase in sales over a year.

The sales of online courses also increased, while a Learning Management System for staff was installed to make the website easier for staff to manage and to facilitate improved user experience.

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