Ardilaun House Hotel | Emarkable Case Study -

The Ardilaun Hotel, originally an old manor house, opened as a hotel on St Patrick’s day in 1962.  Since that time, it has seen many changes, although the essential character of the old house has been retained as far as possible.  However, modernisation was essential, as it will be in the future – the hotel industry can never stand still.

Modernisation means more than installing en suite bathrooms; marketing and public relations too need to be kept up to date, and for this reason Emarkable was brought on side, and commissioned initially to handle sales and bookings.  Emarkable worked in partnership with a local marketing company, and together they handled the rebranding and the development of the social media marketing. 

Emarkable’s strategy focused on targeting the right clients; for a distinctive brand such as this one, reaching the right people is important.  An objective of search engine optimisation was geared to that end.  The Ardilaun House Hotel is unique, and the staff and management needed to keep that in mind as they familiarised themselves with social media and google adwords campaigns.  The story of the house, and the differentiation between it and other city centre hotels, are a major part of its attraction, and the website emphasised the atmosphere and ambience of a hotel with history.

Ardilaun’s ability to maintain business during the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrates the hotel’s ability to retain loyal visitors whilst attracting a new clientele.

The success of the marketing strategy can be demonstrated qualitatively by the many awards that Ardilaun won for its digital strategy.