Learning Paths

Use a structured approach to evaluate individual and team marketing skills and create an action plan for improvement.

Learning Path
How will this Learning Path help me and my business?

This structured e-learning activity will help you or your team brief and create integrated inbound marketing campaigns for maximizing campaign reach, interaction, response and ROI. The included templates can then be used to apply the learning to your own campaigns.

What is a Learning Path?

Learning Paths are our unique interactive online training courses that explain concepts, give examples and test understanding.

Unlike many online e-learning courses, each module is self-contained, so you can quickly access guidance to help improve your marketing activities.

Common modules are shared between Learning Paths to avoid duplication of learning material. You can also complete the full Learning Path to earn a CPDSO certification.

We appreciate finding time for skills development is a challenge. Our Learning Paths enable training to be bite-sized, engaging and – crucially – results orientated. When combined with our suite of templates, you’ll soon be taking your marketing activities to the next level.

Development Objective

Members who successfully complete this Learning Path have the ability to create integrated inbound marketing campaigns for maximizing campaign reach, interaction, response and ROI using a structured approach.

Learning Objectives

  • Make a case for investment in SEO through a planned approach.
  • Understand the latest SEO ranking factors, mobile ranking factors and Google algorithms.
  • Define SEO Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), benchmark SEO competitiveness and conduct link quality and backlink effectiveness audits.
  • Understand consumer keyword search behaviour and perform a gap analysis.
  • Identify how to optimise on-page elements including titles, meta descriptions, page headings and body copy.
  • Create a content marketing strategy to support SEO and link acquisition.
  • Define an SEO performance review strategy using Google Analytics.

How is the Learning Path structured?

The Learning Path is separated into these topics and modules

Topic 1

Discover SEO opportunities

  • A planned approach to SEO
  • Understanding the latest SEO ranking factors
  • Understanding the key Google algorithms
  • Understanding mobile ranking factors
Topic 2

Audit SEO effectiveness

  • Define SEO KPIs
  • Benchmark SEO competitiveness
  • Understanding consumer keyword search behaviour
  • Link quality and backlink effectiveness audits
Topic 3

Technical SEO

  • Review indexing of web pages using google Search Console
  • Develop and implement a sitemap
  • Review and reduce duplicate content
  • Review indexing of images to improve ranking
  • Review and improve mobile ranking
  • Review the relevance of Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Review and improve video search effectiveness
  • Review and improve local search effectiveness
  • Review and improve international search effectiveness
  • Review opportunities for structured data markup
Topic 4

On-page SEO

  • Overview of on-page optimization
  • Review and improve titles and meta descriptions
  • Improve the structure of page headings
  • Create relevant body copy
  • Target featured snippets
Topic 5

Create the best content for SEO

  • Define content strategy to earn links
  • Building Cornerstone content
  • Compete using the ‘Skyscraper Technique’
Topic 6

Refine internal linking and acquire more quality links

Topic 7

Improve SEO through analytics

  • Reviewing performance of a channel in analytics
  • Review performance of landing pages in analytics
  • Using Google Search Console to review keywords
  • Breakdown visits from mobile and desktop devices

Roles who will find this Learning Path useful

  • Company owners and directors working for smaller businesses
  • Heads of marketing including CMO, VP of Marketing, Chief Customer Officer, and Marketing Director seeking to review their SEO strategy
  • Digital marketing managers, marketing executives and specialists responsible for SEO
  • Consultants or agency account managers
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