Choosing the Right Approach for Marketing Success.” Whether you’re steering a global brand or navigating local landscapes, this guide is your compass for building and executing effective marketing campaigns.

Unlock the Secrets to Strategic Campaign Development!

Global brands face a critical decision when developing new campaigns—choosing between a global, regional, or local scope. Dive into the intricacies of this decision-making process with our comprehensive guide, exploring the opportunities, challenges, and key factors that influence the approach to building communication campaigns across borders. Learn how to strike the perfect balance and optimise your campaign development process.

What Will This Guide Empower You to Do?

This guide is your go-to resource to:

  • Explore the opportunities and challenges of global and local campaign development.
  • Consider key factors influencing the decision between global vs. local campaigns aligned with brand objectives and strategy.
  • Navigate the nuances of the customer journey and its impact on campaign localisation.
  • Learn how to balance campaign asset development between global and local elements.
  • Follow a structured process for developing both global and local campaigns.

Who Will Benefit from This Guide?

This guide is crafted for roles such as:

  • Marketing Directors, Heads of Marketing, Marketing Managers.
  • Digital Marketing Managers, Communications Managers, Content Managers.
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What’s Inside the Guide?

  1. Global and Local Campaign Development:
    • Explore the landscape, opportunities, and challenges.
    • Understand the decision-making factors influencing campaign scope.
  2. Balancing Global and Local Campaign Development:
    • Align with business, brand, and communication objectives.
    • Consider target customers, insights, campaign ideas, and budget implications.
  3. Customer Journey Impact on Campaign Decisions:
    • Decode the role of the customer journey in deciding campaign localisation.
    • Determine what to include or exclude from a global campaign toolkit.
  4. Global and Local Campaign Development Processes:
    • Uncover a structured process for seamless global and local campaign development.

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