What if you knew what really mattered to each customer?

Engage, Convert and Retain Customers across the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Emarkable’s Marketing Automation tools give a streamlined path toward demand generation—including effective lead scoring, lead nurturing and seamless integration with salesforce and other CRM (Customer Relationship Management) automation tools and, the ability to keep messaging consistent with efficient execution.

Emarkable use automated marketing software that enables B2B marketers to successfully navigate the changing role of marketing with streamlined workflows and the capability to execute innovative multi-channel campaigns to drive measurable ROI. Marketing Automation is a single holistic solution that let you create, control, manage and measure all of your marketing communication processes, including:

  • Lead Management – scoring, nurturing and routing
  • Multi-channel campaign management
  • Budgets & Spend
  • Content Use & Performance (e.g., CTAs- White Papers, Podcasts, etc.)
  • Calendars
  • Production Workflows
  • Dashboards & Detailed Reports

Are you ready to be Remarkable?

Is Marketing Automation right for your Sales process?

Marketing Automation is typically suited to companies that have:

  • A long sales cycle
  • A complex sales process
  • A diverse set of products and services
  • A broad range of customer types
  • A defined sales process for each target market
  • A marketing/sales team that understands buyer behaviour ( and wants to understand more)

Emarkable’s Marketing Automation Software has the following powerful features:

  • Behavioural-based email automation
  • Email workflow management
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Track leads with automation
  • Identify Anonymous Web visitors with Visitor ID
  • Track known leads
  • Built-in and 3rd Party CRM
  • Detailed Analytics on Marketing Campaigns
  • Full support and training
  • Stable, scalable and secure

Marketers are using integrated marketing automation solutions.

These tools give a streamlined path toward demand generation – Know what really matters to each customer?

Do you want to dramatically increase your lead generation?

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