You’re ready to hire someone to do your company’s marketing… really?

You have decided that you are recruiting a Marketing person to develop your business using Digital Marketing. To date some of the marketing activities have been on an ad hoc and somewhat non-strategic fashion. This new hire will help develop more effective marketing.


Are you ready to be Remarkable?


A new recruit will need a plan…

  • Are you qualified to devise a digital marketing strategy?
  • Recruit a Marketing person?
  • Or manage this person?
  • Do you know what they should be doing?
  • How to measure their performance?
  • And to guide them in developing a strategy and activity schedule to grow your business?

How we can help with our Evolve Programme:

  1. We develop the right Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. We recruit the right person
  3. We plan your activity
  4. We can train your new recruit
  5. We can coach and give guidance
  6. We set up marketing platforms
  7. We can guide, direct and mentor
  8. We can measure everything

The Emarkable Evolve Programme will help you build a programme around what you need for your business and cater for your requirements into the future.

This can be done in modules to suit your requirements.

Are you ready to be Remarkable?

Contact us and we will start with an assessment of your current situation and how our programme can help you become remarkable, achieve increased lead generation and increased revenue .