EXPORT Marketing – Enterprise Ireland Internet Marketing Initiative

Are you exporting already and want to export more?
Or are you examining the opportunity to export?
Are you looking to partner with experienced companies?

Enterprise Ireland provide grant funding for an e-Marketing Improvement Assignment.

E-Marketing Improvement assignments are designed to develop and enhance your company’s capability to use the internet as an effective channel for business development.

Are you ready to be Remarkable?

First Steps, Set Up – A Strategic Review

Develop a clear and focused strategic Digital Marketing Plan.

Eligible assignments may include the following activities:

  • Strategic review of existing online activities and development of your company’s future online strategy.
  • Understanding international best practice, effective tools and strategies in the area of e-Marketing.
  • Embedding e-marketing practices and skills in your company by developing the capabilities of your staff

Emarkable has worked with many Irish companies on EXPORT marketing programmes.

Companies interested in undertaking an e-Marketing Improvement Assignment must complete an Internet Marketing Maturity Questionnaire in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland’s Internet Marketing Unit.

Please download the questionnaire and send to richard@emarkable.ie

Visit here for more on the e-marketing improvement assignment

Emarkable have developed digital marketing programmes for many Irish EXPORT companies looking to develop their International business opportunities using digital marketing.

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Fill out the form and we can put you in touch with a few people who have engaged us to deliver these programmes for 3 months, 6 months and longer.