Emarkable is known for high quality content and smart strategies that leave clients with greater clarity, distinct focus and better business performance. Emarkable’s strategic thinking, proven systems and tactics allow our clients create simple strategies, understand next steps, and take massive action.

We start with a structured analysis of your current marketing activities where we examine your marketing strategies, tactics and objectives. The initial audit will highlight problem areas and identify opportunities with a view to recommending a plan of action to accelerate your companies marketing performance.

You expect more from your Digital Marketing activity.

You want to stand out, you want to be remarkable.

You are an expert, you want to tell people about your expertise.

You have invested but are not happy with the return.

Your competition is doing better and you need to take some action.

Are you ready to be Remarkable?

Companies that work with us continuously improve their digital marketing results

  • Greater brand awareness
  • Brand reputation
  • Customer service
  • Competitor analysis and monitoring
  • Market research

  • In-house education
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead management
  • Analytics

We focus on developing these areas

  • Marketing – get your message to your target audience
  • Technology – using the correct tools
  • People – ensuring your team is educated
  • Metrics – measuring everything
  • Strategy – your digital and business strategy is aligned

Emarkable provide a comprehensive programme to develop an effective digital marketing programme for your business.

“Our differentiation is really our investment in our client’s long term success rather than just arranging a digital campaign.”

Typically this involves the following steps

  • Strategy formulation – Digital Marketing Framework
  • Project management monthly activity schedule per person
  • Design guidelines for a new digital marketing platform
  • Conversion architecture for the site (call-to-actions and usability)
  • Content plan for the site
  • Content development plan
  • Redevelopment of internet platform (website, blog, social media) most likely with your current site
  • Training on updating site using content management system
  • Training on content marketing

  • Training on social media
  • Training and coaching on client nurturing
  • Examination on the utilisation of existing and possible  automation i.e. CRM, marketing automation tools
  • Search engine marketing strategy implementation
  • Training on search engine marketing
  • Work with the dedicated people to ensure objectives can be met with minimal interference in the day job.
  • Monthly review of KPI’s established during the DMF (Digital Marketing Framework) phase.

Emarkable will work with your company to develop and continuously improve your digital marketing platform.
Likely outcomes:

  • Clear digital marketing strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Identify threats and opportunities

  • Web 2.0 website with fully integrated social media tools
  • Traffic Generation
  • Educated Team

  • Conversion Generation
  • Use of automation tools
  • Metrics to measure everything

Are you ready to be Remarkable?

Contact us and we will start with an assessment of your current situation and how our programme can help you become remarkable, achieve increased lead generation and increased revenue.