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Defining Goals and Strategies: The Path to Digital Marketing Success with Emarkable

Emarkable has pioneered a digital marketing framework tailored to enhance digital marketing performance. Our aim is to streamline digital marketing management while acknowledging the pivotal role of employing best-practice web analytics methods to extract commercial value from digital marketing efforts.

Emarkable strategies are focused on a more customer-focused online business model. We will create an online business that is truly customer-centric; that speaks the customer’s language, not the organisation’s language. Book a consultation now.

Manage with facts, not opinions

No more endless debates about what should and shouldn’t be on your website. You get hard, defensible, compelling data that shows exactly what your customers want–and don’t want.

A simpler digital platform

Create an effective digital platform that focuses on exactly what your customers care most about. Focus on the critical KPIs and improve performance by narrowing focus right down to those essential areas, at the same time making sure that you’re not getting distracted by detail.

Emarkable provides companies with a structured strategic planning and implementation process.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

  • A focus on strategy, not tactics
  • Identify your target customer & the problems you are solving
  • Manage with facts not opinions
  • Develop a branding plan
  • Develop a customer-focused online business (where they are and where they will be)
  • Competitive analysis
  • Align your business strategy with your digital marketing strategy
  • Align your business metrics with your digital marketing metrics
  • A focus on the long-term benefits
  • All elements are quantifiable and measurable

Emarkable’s Digital Marketing Strategy Framework Model

  • Situation Analysis – How well are we using Digital Media now?
  • Objective Setting – What goals have we?
  • Strategy – How can we achieve our goals?
  • Tactics – Which Digital Marketing Activities do we optimise?
  • Reach – for greater visibility
  • Act – for more action by site visitors
  • Convert – for more online conversions
  • Engage – to nurture, inform and build loyalty
  • Educate – to develop your in-house team
  • Measure – to continuously improve
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