Measure Online Activity

Why You Need To Measure Online Activity

There is no shortage of online activities you could be doing to promote and grow your business, but in order to know whats working for you and ways to improve your digital effectiveness, activity must be measured and  adjusted. The following steps give an overview of how you would do that:   Step 1: Define Conversion Goals Before you can calculate the ROI (Return... - Digital Marketing Strategies

Social Media Metrics – Best Practice Checklist

In yesterdays blog, we discussed what Social Media Metrics Should you track. Today we discuss Best Practices for measuring your Social Media Metrics. (more…) - Digital Marketing Strategies

What Social Media Metrics Should you Track?

There are no standards when it comes to measuring your success on the social technologies, but below is a list of the top social media metrics you should be measuring. (more…) - Digital Marketing Strategies

Twitter for Business

So what does Twitter do for business? (more…) - Digital Marketing Strategies

How to decrease your website’s bounce rate

Have you a high Bounce Rate? A "bounce" occurs when a person leaves a website immediately without having viewed any page but the entry page. We clearly want bounce rates to be as low as possible; if they are above average, we need to find out why, and do something about it.  (more…)