Marketing Automation

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Emarkable’s Marketing Automation tools give a streamlined path toward demand generation – including effective lead scoring, lead nurturing and seamless integration with salesforce and other CRM (Customer Relationship Management) automation tools and, the ability to keep messaging consistent with efficient execution.

Emarkable uses automated marketing software that enables B2B marketers to successfully navigate the changing role of marketing with streamlined workflows and the capability to execute innovative multi-channel campaigns to drive measurable ROI. Have an e-commerce store? See some sample workflows

Engage, convert and retain customers across the entire custome lifecycle

Lead Management

Streamline Lead Management

Our advanced marketing automation solution efficiently nurtures leads, guiding them through the sales funnel without missing a beat.

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Multichannel Campaign Management

Effective Campaign Management

Stay on top of your marketing efforts with our comprehensive campaign management tools, making every campaign a resounding success.

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Budget & Spend

Smart Budget and Spend Control

Take charge of your marketing expenses and achieve optimal ROI with our intelligent budgeting and spending features.

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Production Workflows

Effortless Workflows

Automate repetitive tasks and create seamless workflows, saving time and increasing productivity.

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Intuitive Scheduling/Calendars

Plan and schedule your marketing activities effortlessly, ensuring timely and coordinated campaigns.

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Content Use & Performance

Actionable Content Insights

Gain valuable insights into your content’s performance, allowing you to refine strategies for better engagement

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Dashboards & Detailed Reports

Informative Dashboards and Reports

Access real-time data through detailed dashboards and reports, empowering data-driven decision-making.

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Top 10 Features

Emarkable Marketing Automation

Marketers are using integrated automation solutions. These tools give a streamlined path toward demand generation, and provide real-time, real-life insights for your customers.

  • Behavioural based email automation
  • Email Workflow Management
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Track leads with automation
  • Identify anonymous web visitors with Visitor
  • Track Known Leads
  • Built-in & 3rd Party CRM
  • Detailed Analytics on Marketing Campaigns
  • Full support & training
  • Stable, scalable & secure.
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