Inbound Marketing is focused on drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimisation.

Emarkable will work with you on


    • Focus on doing the right marketing. Understanding your customer’s goals, challenges, and the buying process.
    • We align your business goals with your marketing activities.


    • We implement the activities with our team.
    • We implement on your behalf.

We bring you with us.

    • Through workshops and specialised training, we will help your team develop a successful inbound marketing programme.
    • Our team includes your Account Manager,  Strategist, Marketing Consultant, Graphic Designer, and Web Developer.

How We’ll Help You

    1. Increase Website Traffic – We’ll help expand your brand awareness and attract qualified, new audiences to your website through blogging, search engine optimisation, social media, email marketing and fresh content.
    2. Build Your Inbound Marketing Assets – We’ll set up the tools and create the resources that form the platform of your inbound marketing program.
    3. Generate More Leads – We focus on conversions and strategic campaigns to develop more revenue opportunities across your target market.
    4. Create  Content – We’ll help generate eBooks,  checklists, webinars, reports, videos, blogs, product catalogues and more.
    5. Convert Leads into customers – by using marketing Automation we can help you nurture and convert qualified leads into customers.
    6. Understand  Marketing Performance – What’s working and what’s not? We track your most important metrics to understand where your marketing is working and how we can improve.

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