Planning Or Already In The US?

We help Irish companies entering the US to launch and grow their business using a digital marketing growth methodology.


How We Help Companies Grow?

We start with understanding your business and your objectives for the US market.

We want to know your business, your unique value proposition, who are your customers (current and aspirational) and your plans for the US market.

We develop a digital growth plan that aligns with your business objectives.

Once we have a clear understanding of your business objectives, we work with you to develop a digital marketing plan that will help you grow. The customised plan will incorporate a suite of digital marketing tactics and technology solutions focussed on helping you to reach and engage with your targeted customers.

We execute. We learn. We optimise. We scale.

With an agreed upon plan we move to execution. We take an agile test and learn approach, measuring and reporting on every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns. Once we begin to generate initial results, we analyse, we optimise and we continuously work towards reaching your business objectives. Once we have determined what digital tactics work for your business, we scale with a continuous focus on attaining a winning ROI.

Why Emarkable – Since 2001

Emarkable works with companies to generate revenue opportunities using Inbound Marketing Services and Marketing Automation Services. Our unique process, a combination of content development, marketing automation, email, search and social media marketing, has resulted in our customers succeeding in new markets.
In 2019 we opened an office in New York to support our clients entering the US market. We are your partner in growth. Our focus is on helping you succeed in the US.

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