Marketing Automation

Should your business be using marketing automation?

Marketing Automation is the future of digital marketing. Although it doesn't take the work out of marketing (far from it), it does make more valuable processes a lot less time consuming, and much more effective. So, the question is: Should your business be using marketing automation? Yes Marketing Automation is kind of a big deal in the world of business sales and... - Digital Marketing Strategies

Lead Nurturing using Digital Marketing

Are you nurturing leads and clients in your digital marketing campaigns? You should be. Lead nurturing is becoming a standard practice among the best companies. Lead nurturing is the process of moving your leads through the sales pipeline with targeted messages intended to gain trust, understand your prospects better, and generate higher close rates. The process creates progressively deeper relationships with... - Digital Marketing Strategies

B2B vs B2C Online Marketing

We work with many companies from different industries and have over 13 years experience dealing with Digital Marketing and no two clients are the same. Granted there are similarities and the Emarkable Inbound Marketing Model is a defined process of strategy and tactics that has a proven methodology and process that can be utilised to develop an effective Digital Marketing...