Digital Strategy for UCD Foundation

University College Dublin launch

We’re so excited about the recent launch of the new website for that we just had to tell you about it in our blog. Previously the Foundation Charity had a page on their existing site so we decided after extensive research, competitor analysis and studying online trends and demographics to build a new separate site.


In line with our UCD Alumni digital marketing strategy, we had to look at the ‘why’ – why will someone engage and why will some one give and the results of our research provided us with a definition and clear focus for our user experience. We had to provide value – a reason for someone to consider 20 euro or 200,000 euro of a donation to the development of the UCD Foundation.

Value Proposition first – WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

People had to experience the great work that the UCDFoundation had achieved and be proud to be associated with all that UCD stands for before they will give. UCD Foundation has to work first in engaging with potential donors before asking for a donation. Many different universities and foundations do this in many different ways, so UCD had first to decide on their value proposition, just like any commercial organisation. Once this was established the rest fell into place quite quickly.

The New Platform

The new site should be different from the main UCD website aesthetically and made easier to navigate for the user. The new site better communicates the aims that the UCD Foundation provides and enables us to showcase all the great things the UCD team has been doing! The value of giving.

The new site aims:

  • To give a better understanding of the charity work the UCD Foundation does
  • Allow donors and sponsors receive newsletter information
  • Inform alumni and donors of current fundraising appeals
  • Allow users different options and ways to donate directly to UCD Foundation
  • To be found more easily on search engines
  • Use best usability practices for navigation and graphic elements
  • Add appropriate and relevant call-to-actions and funnels
  • To use existing Terminal Four Web Content Management System

We focused on making the website clean, professional and user friendly. I would like to thank the web development and marketing teams within who have worked diligently for several months on this project.

The challenge of donations has become more acute in recent years with the worldwide recession and the foundation are working closely with emarkable to expand their community. Social Media has proven to be a very effective engagement tool and the communications with the Millennial Generation, also known as Generation Y, (20-35) has increased dramatically. Greater engagement at all demographic levels has lead to a broader donation base.

So explore our new site, and please take the time to let us know what you think.

We would love to hear your opinion.

Website Design for UCD Foundation