Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest is a well-known retail store in Galway, specialising mainly, but not exclusively, in high-quality Irish products.  Established in 1966 by one of the leading lights in the Galway business community, Treasure Chest has extended and consolidated its position, is now an iconic brand, and is seen as one of the places to visit during a tour of the city and its surrounding areas.

Treasure Chest was one of the first retail outlets to develop a mail order system, and so before Emarkable’s involvement with them was already focussed on providing a good quality service to those customers who did not visit the store in person.

Emarkable was brought in to work with the staff of Treasure Chest to design and develop the social media platforms which were beginning to play an important part in the sales and marketing of the products on offer.  With new items coming online on a regular basis, it was important to ensure that quality images and descriptions were kept up to date, not only on the website but also on the other social media platforms.  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts have been set up, and are regularly updated with new offers and products.  This is particularly important for the fashion department, which is the most fluid of all, and which needs frequent monitoring and revising.

There are, however, two outlets for Treasure Chest; the online side of the business, which is growing quite rapidly, and the original store, where visitors, tourists and local people come in off the street to browse and buy.  Treasure Chest wanted to attract visitors through the tourist trade, and to make a visit to the shop part of the planned itinerary for visitors both national and international.  In order to do this, emphasis needed to be placed on the brands that are exclusive to Treasure Chest, as well as setting the store at the top of the list of retailers for high-quality giftware, collectables and Irish souvenirs.

Emarkable set up special and introductory offers for visitors to increase the level of sales in-store as well as online.  The strategy was designed not only to attract visitors to the website to browse online but to ensure that people planning a holiday in Galway saw a visit to the store as an important part of their itinerary.  In this aspect of the strategy, in particular, a good ranking on Google was very important.

The strategy Emarkable devised for Treasure Chest focussed on three main points of interest to potential visitors and customers.  Firstly, Treasure Chest is an iconic retail location in the centre of Galway; secondly, the store is unique, and offers an experience to the visitor that cannot be found anywhere else; and thirdly, Treasure Chest offers a wide range of exclusive products which can be shipped worldwide. 

To implement the strategy, Emarkable developed a custom e-commerce store for Treasure Chest that was optimized for search engines and provided a seamless user experience for customers. The store featured high-quality images and detailed descriptions of all products, making it easy for customers to browse and find what they were looking for.

In addition to the e-commerce store, Emarkable developed a content marketing strategy that included blog posts and social media updates highlighting new products, special offers, and exclusive items available only at Treasure Chest. This content was optimized for search engines and shared across multiple social media platforms to reach a wide audience.

To further increase the visibility of Treasure Chest, Emarkable also implemented a search engine advertising campaign using SEO and Google Ads. This campaign targeted specific keywords related to the store’s products and location, ensuring that potential customers searching for these terms would see Treasure Chest at the top of their search results.

Within a few months, Treasure Chest’s online sales had increased significantly, and the store had become a well-known destination for tourists and locals alike. The store’s ranking on Google had also improved dramatically, making it much easier for potential customers to find Treasure Chest when searching for high-quality Irish products in Galway.

This demonstrates the importance of having a strong online presence as a retailer. By developing a custom e-commerce store and implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Emarkable was able to help Treasure Chest reach a wider audience and grow their business both online and in-store.

The objective is to develop the best possible relationship between Treasure Chest and its online customers as well as ensuring that visitors who physically visit the store have an excellent user experience.

The objective is to develop the best possible relationship between Treasure Chest and its on-line customers.
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