TownApps | Emarkable Case Study -
TownApps | Emarkable Case Study -

Founded in 2012 in Athlone, Townapps is a mobile application development company that develops turn-key mobile apps to allow local people and visitors to find the goods and services that are available in the town, city or wider location.

Townapps is of benefit, not only to its users, but also to local businesses, who use its platform to reach potential clients in their area.  Information on goods and services is initially supplied by the government, local authority and members of the community, as well as commercial groups such as Chambers of Commerce.  They can use it to provide a service to visitors and local people, and in so doing increase the market share of the enterprises featured;  Townapps is an excellent tool for business development, particularly for smaller local businesses whose names might not be as familiar as the major chain store retail outlets.

Emarkable was commissioned to help in the development of a lead generation system.  Emarkable’s strategy began with finding an effective means to contact interested parties, and to demonstrate to them that Townapps is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs, local government agencies and local governments themselves. 

TownApps | Emarkable Case Study -

We developed a marketing programme as well as a training system for internal staff, and we used search engine optimisation and pay per click marketing, as well as email and social media promotion.

Marketing material was designed and developed after research, and the internal marketing team was trained in the process, using the in-house customer relationship management system.  The business development team was also supported and improved, and Emarkable ran social and email marketing campaigns for Townapps. 

One of the main objectives was the development of the brand, to make it an easily recognised and well-known product throughout Ireland, the UK, the USA and Canada.  Graphic design always plays an important part in branding, and Townapps and Emarkable worked together on this aspect of the marketing.

LinkedIn was also used as a means of connecting and engaging with target franchisees, as well as local town officials.  AdWords and Facebook, along with LinkedIn, proved effective in connecting and engaging with the target market.

Emarkable developed presentations, demonstration models and videos to explain the business case for the product.  We also streamlined the system with a view to simplifying the process, and reducing the number of interactions, thus allowing a comparatively small sales team to generate an increased number of sales in a shorter time scale.

Measurements that would allow us to react and learn were developed through detailed analytics.