Emarkable Web Design for The Hospital Group

An improved user experience for cosmetic surgery clients, developed through research and our user-centered design process.

The Hospital Group

We manage 7 individual business units for this company since 2004. We managed the user experience that initially was weak and through research and our user-centered design process (usability testing, heat maps, analytics, focus groups and online tools) we developed an improved user experience.

In addition to larger volumes of targeted and focused traffic we increased the conversion rates dramatically. In some cases over 500%.

The Challenge

Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments is a very profitable yet highly competitive market. It is also an unregulated market so barriers to entry are very low. This made the marketplace extremely competitive and sometimes led to a lot of confusion in the marketplace with the control of standards and levels of service expected from clients.

The Hospital Group are one of the largest cosmetic surgery organisations in the UK and have a brand that signifies trust. Emarkable’s task is to develop the brand in Ireland (ROI and NI) and to acquire clients through digital marketing.

The Strategy

Be found. It was as simple as that. When a potential client searched Google we were going to be there. We developed extensive research and keyword opportunities using search engine optimisation, link building, social content, pay per click and display advertising. While at emarkable we like to focus on earning search positions with organic search engine marketing tactics such as content marketing and developing trust with Google we have also extensively used Google Adwords to expand our brand visibility.

There is a 1+1 = 3 theory on search engine marketing, appear in Adwords as well as organic listings and you will develop 3 times as many site visitors as you will appearing just in one area.

The Digital Marketing Activity

While the majority of our focus was on developing visitors to the website we were also conscious of the fact that the right client at the right time hearing the right message will make for a positive enquiry and better sales potential.


Through a combination of search engine marketing, social media marketing, new content and display advertising we developed the correct amount of people to our sites. Further research of the buying process and the emotional triggers that lead to an enquiry opened up more opportunities to focus on specific buyer types and patterns that resulted in a better type of enquiry. A focus on quantity of leads become quality of leads. This is ongoing. We are constantly refining our adwords campaign, organic listings and content.

Act and Convert

While being found is the first step, getting someone to actually make a decision to enquire is the next important step. Initially we were delivering the same content to different buyer types. We are constantly revising the content with A/B testing and different varieties of landing pages. We have access to detailed analytics and software tools that allow us to really delve deep into the performance of each piece of content and user experience.


We measure everything. competitors, user experiences, Google activity, social activity, trends, market activity, rankings and so on. Because we have defined buyer persona’s and user experiences we can test and experiment in a controlled environment. The results of this testing has yielded in a refined process that is delivering above expectations.

The market is competitive with some really aggressive players across different types of media. The Hospital Group has a clear and focused strategy for client acquisition and while we are doing very well, the partnership that fosters a collaborative approach allows us to delve deep with the company into new and exciting areas.

Over the years Google has changed a lot, social media has opened up opportunities that previously did not exist and the client has become more sophisticated in their requirements. We thank The Hospital Group and especially Aisling Holly for the honour of working with you during this digital revolution.

User-Centered Design for The Hospital Group