The Challenge

The Butcher’s Block is the largest butcher shop chain in Ireland. The Cribbin family who run it are third-generation butchers who set up their first factory in 2002 to supply their own shops. The meat is boned and processed by a Master Butcher and the beef is matured for over 22 days. All the beef is reared naturally and traditionally by Irish farmers.

The Butcher’s Block shops are centres of excellence in meat retailing, focused on delivering quality food, value for money, and excellent service to their customers. When you enter The Butcher’s Block, you enter a new world of food. Quality products prepared to the highest of standards, wide-ranging in taste, and consistently produced by professionally trained staff who take pride in their work.

Following a re-brand, the company wanted to reach out to its retail audience and engage with them on a deeper level. It wanted its customers at every level to understand a little bit more about the quality and standards they could expect from The Butcher’s Block.

The Research

We looked at the company, its footfall, competitors, its own USPs, its previous digital strategy and a range of other factors in SWOT analysis, and came up with a plan to make the online offering reflect the premium quality of the brand in real life, and to generate more business through digital engagement.

The Plan

Each of our digital sales and marketing solutions is designed to empower companies to achieve remarkable results, using our proven strategic approach to heighten engagement, increase conversion rates, increase transaction value, and ultimately, drive sales.

In this case, following in-depth research and analysis of the business, we produced a Digital Plan – based on our own Digital Framework – that was aligned with  the goals of The Butcher’s Block.

Our Digital Framework begins with a clear strategy. This was developed in conjunction with The Butcher’s Block and using their expertise and our own, we came up with a plan for a year with clear goals and targets. We had five targets in mind:

  1. increase sales per client
  2. increase frequency of visit
  3. increase sale value per visit
  4. increase number of customers
  5. Increase the reach and awareness of the brand

Increasing awareness and engagement through targeted messaging

Emarkable then set up a communication plan for the following year, designing a themed series of messages to be sent to customers at various times in the year to promote special events. So, for example, in Spring there might be a promotion around Spring Lamb, and a different promotion in Summer on BBQ items.

The messaging was also more complex as each store had its own customer base and different customer motivations. – The Maynooth outlet, for example, was all student offers, while outlets close to supermarkets had to have offers that competed with the larger store.

Emarkable set up a programme to reach out to customers by email, and on Facebook and Twitter, referring to the special offers that were available in-store and upcoming promotions. A special offer was posted every Monday on the Home page, and a plan was put in place to review feedback on a daily basis.

Within a year, the company had dramatically increased its engagement with customers on Facebook – leading to heightened brand awareness and increased sales. In-store research suggests that customers are more loyal to the Butcher’s Block brand than previously, less likely to shop elsewhere, and more likely to respond to special offers.

Competitions and special offers drew a good response and one that it is increasing over time – leading to more ‘stickability’ with customers, and increased spending by individual customers.

The Result

The Butcher’s Block saw a significant increase in sales per client and increased the number of visits by customers. The average sale per visit increased due to combination specials and an increase in customer numbers – due to specially-themed promotions – was also apparent.

Anecdotal evidence and feedback from staff indicate a higher awareness of the link between higher quality and The Butcher’s Block, and a tendency in the customer’s mind to think of its products as premium quality, produced locally and good value.

“We found another, new world out there online. More customers, more engagement…just more. There’s no doubt that our Digital Plan brought something extra to the business”