Shay Murtagh Precast Concrete Manufacturers

A successful partnership led to a company’s change in direction that maximised its Digital Marketing for the UK Market.

Client Challenge

Shay Murtagh Precast Ltd have been specialists in pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete solutions in Ireland for over four decades.

The company foresaw a change to the Irish Construction Market, which began to decline significantly in 2006,  leading directly to a reduced demand for pre-cast concrete products in the Irish marketplace. Shay Murtagh Precast (SMP)  and Emarkable researched the possibility of entering the UK market. SMP’s goal was to position the company as a leader in Pre-cast Concrete in the UK. After a strategic, integrated planning approach with SMP, we established the company in the UK market with in 2008 as our Digital Marketing Platform.

A Shared Approach

Emarkable worked with the SMP team to develop an overall strategic marketing campaign which included: SWOT analysis, product differentiation, value proposition, competitive analysis, UK search engine optimisation, user questionnaires, link campaigns, social media campaigns, video blogs and video optimisation, alignment of point-of-sales material, lead nurturing – using email and Salesforce CRM, PPC campaigns, as well as ongoing metric analysis and intelligence monitoring. Together we have created an action-orientated culture that fully optimises digital marketing.

SMP have embraced opportunities that are available with digital marketing through the Emarkable digital marketing model, and continue to drive the brand and leadership qualities that have become the trademark of SMP’s professional business approach. Enterprise Ireland provided funding for the campaign under the emarketing initiative.


The UK market now accounts for the majority share of SMP’s annual turnover. The success has been so overwhelming that the company announced the decision to employ 41 new staff members. Shay Murtagh Pre-cast hold the key positions in Google UK for their product offering, and have positioned themselves as experts and thought leaders in the UK market. Website traffic, conversions and lead generation are all up. Shay Murtagh Pre-cast continues to work with us every day to grow their market position and keep ahead of their competition.

The success has been so overwhelming that the company announced the decision to employ 41 new staff members.

Shay Murtagh Precast Digital Marketing for the Export Market