Digital Marketing Strategy for School Books Direct

A new Digital Marketing Strategy with eCommerce to increase online sales in a growing online market.

The Client

Schoolbooks Direct is a retail book shop. We have been working with this company for a number of years with the site This project was about a particular niche of schoolbooks.

The Challenge

Schoolbooks have become a big online market with the growth of the internet and the growth of internet sales. Schoolbooks Direct’s John Ryan saw an opportunity to sell schoolbooks to his current clientele online, as well as tapping into the ever-expanding market for schoolbooks and other school products.

The Digital Marketing Strategy

Schoolbook sales are a seasonal thing – the majority of sales are in July/August. Most online retailers have an offer. The books are the same. So how can we differentiate John’s offering?

We started with the basics – an attractive website that would showcase all the products. We then added some additional services:

  • member pricing for certain schools
  • volume pricing for bulk-buying related products,
  • specific promotions e.g. buy one get one free
  • school book lists pre-programmed to make it easier,
  • book-covering services

and these extra elements enhanced the service offering – which increased the conversion rate significantly.

Traffic generation was a big part of this. It’s partly a numbers game, and John worked on pay per click (PPC) while Emarkable worked on search engine optimisation (SEO). John also worked on social media, and while it was difficult to get engagement on schoolbooks, we did manage to get some traction.


Sales were so good in the first year it created a problem in that we had underestimated the volume of orders, and the stock levels and manpower to deal with the orders. However, by the second year, the process was easier, logistics were more organised, and the lessons learned the first year were applied in year two, resulting in increased growth.

John is constantly updating the site with content and new products. Using email marketing, Adwords and some local offline advertising to develop his community, John has established a process of online sales that has become a major part of his business.

Emarkable Digital Marketing Strategy for School Books Direct