Digital Marketing Sucess for Powerpoint Engineering

Providing a successful digital marketing strategy to improve core business model, educate the client and generate more leads.

The Client

Electrical Safety Equipment distributor based in Laois distributing products nationwide and internationally.

The Challenge

Powerpoint Engineering has a website that did not generate many sales. Liam Davis felt that there was a better way. He looked a many competitors and niche sites in his sector selling products online, why can’t he do this?

The Strategy

By analysing each individual strategic business unit , customer type, customer market and existing niche players it became very clear that lots of opportunities existed. It just means a focus needed to be provided and a schedule of activity that could make things happen. So the first step for us was a detailed schedule of activity that included research, individual focused campaigns and a schedule of web build and web promotion.


The digital marketing strategy identified the most likely starting point and the educational and training needs required in house to make this happen.

Emarkable worked with inhouse personnel on SEO, content marketing and building the new niche sites so that Powerpoint Engineering could target a number of sectors with unique product lines and specialist services.

This is not an uncommon strategy and requires the company to focus on a small niche, establish traffic patterns and then work on conversions and sales. Continuous improvements are made to the core business model and then duplicated across the many sites, strategic niches identified.

Emarkable worked with Powerpoint Engineering to set up the initial process and educate people in-house to maintain this process on an ongoing basis.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Powerpoint Engineering