Inbound Marketing for Odyssey Consultant Training Institute

Delivered a successful inbound marketing programme designed to increase online visibility for the company with Odyssey Consultants’ target audience.

The Client

Odyssey Consultants is an international consulting organisation. It provides training and strategic transformation for professional services.

The Challenge

The owner and founder of Odyssey Consultants, John Butler, had a vision to deliver his proven system to a global audience. Previously, he had delivered his process to small groups in intensive sessions, but he wanted to expand his reach and customer base. The chosen channel for delivery was through webinar – in conjunction with group workshops around the world.

The Strategy

Course Design: We developed an online webinar training programme that delivered the Odyssey concept and training worldwide.

Marketing: We delivered an inbound marketing process and methodology that increased reach and visibility with the target audience. Conversion from a visitor to a client was key.


Emarkable worked closely with John and his team to develop courseware that could be delivered online and through webinars.

We also developed a content marketing plan that involved blogging, guest-blogging, fora, LinkedIn groups, email marketing, SEO, link-building, affiliate marketing, display ads, Ad Words, traditional marketing, CRM, Twitter and YouTube.

This was a significant project in terms of person hours. John and his team developed the majority of the course content, as well as the marketing collateral, and worked very closely with us to understand the various marketing channels and platforms we could use to develop an audience, and subsequently, clients.

Emarkable were involved integrally in formulating the new business model for Odyssey, and translating this model into a digital model that brought clients to the Odyssey business.

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Inbound Marketing for Odyssey Consultant Training Institute