Adopting tried and tested systematic approach

The Challenge

Everyone loves a ‘rags to riches’ story, and Moffitts of Sligo is entering the books in one of those chapters. Leslie Moffitt learned his trade in Ireland and Canada, and then set off for Sligo with a bicycle and a suitcase, rented 20, Market Street, and set himself up in business in the menswear trade.

It was steady hard work for the next twenty four years, but then in 1976 Leslie bought J & R Good, locally known as ‘Goods’, in O’Connell Street, and Moffitts Department Store was established. However, these were hard times for the economy in Ireland, but Leslie met the hard times challenge with hard work, and the business grew. In 1983 Leslie had earned enough to buy the next door business, Johnny Harts, and then a little later the shop expanded still further onto Tobergal Lane, and there was a new first floor sales area for interior designs.

Leslie’s son Howard joined the business, and is now the managing director of a department store that offers clothing, footwear, accessories, homeware, interior design and school uniforms. Leslie died in 2008, but Moffitts of Sligo was by then firmly established, and is a testament to his determination and hard work.

Moffitts combines a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with a modern approach to the business. The sales team sources products from, preferably, Ireland, as well as the UK and Europe in response to demand, and is also well aware of the growing interest in, and concern for, the environment, looking for organic cottons and other natural materials that are both eco-friendly and sustainable.


The traditional face to face Irish welcome has stood Moffitts in good stead for many years, but if the company is to thrive in the future, then eCommerce has to play a part, which is why Moffitts has approached Emarkable, and commissioned them to build a website and a commercial platform that will extend and expand its customer base, not only in Ireland, but throughout the world.


Adopting its tried and tested systematic approach, Emarkable undertook an audit of social media platforms and social strategy, leading to the creation of a 12 month Social Plan. Similar audits were applied to Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click strategies, to staff training, and to website content. Third-party analytic tools were used to scrutinise the company’s market position, and a Digital Marketing Strategy written. The data obtained by this thorough investigation were used to establish Key Performance Indicators and develop a monthly reporting mechanism.

COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme

The Covid-19 Online Retail Scheme, administered by Enterprise Ireland. is targeted at retailers who already have an online presence to strengthen their online offering and enable them to reach a wider customer base. Emarkable assisted Moffitts to obtain support from the Fund, which was used in part to improve customer focus and visibility.


There is now better brand recognition, and customer relationships have improved on social media. Moffitts is appearing more frequently on Google, for example, and the percentage of returning visitors is increasing.

These are early days for the business in this new field, but the signs are encouraging, and with the support of Emarkable, and Moffitts’ ethos of hard work and determination. With a fun-packed 12 month plan of content handed over and a wealth of advice from website improvements, SEO, design, and digital marketing training in general. There is no reason why this story should not continue towards its goal of leaving the ‘rags’ in its history, and the ‘riches’ shining on the horizon.

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