Martin Services

Search Engine Optimisation for Martin Services
A new website, an eCommerce platform and search engine optimisation to increase visibility and generate leads.

The Challenge

Convert current clients to online sales. Martin Services already had an effective brochure and catalog site but the next logical step was to offer his clients the ability to order and pay online.

The Strategy

Develop an ecommerce platform, market the service to existing clients and new clients. This involved building a site and providing search engine optimisation for the Google search engine.


Emarkable used Zen Cart as an off the shelf software system to allow Martin Services build a site within a tight budget and also maintain the site on an ongoing basis. The site was populated by Martin Services in-house staff (we did a batch upload also). And emarkable were responsible for the testing, launch and SEO on the site. We developed a blogging system using WordPress that was integrated with the site so that Martin Services could blog regularly for SEO and trust building with the client.

This was the 100th ecommerce site emarkable was involved with, relatively uncomplicated and the process was smooth because of the involvement of Martin Services marketing team.


About Richard Coen

Richard Coen

With over 17 years experience in Digital Marketing, 25 years in sales and 22 years business development, Richard assists companies develop key growth strategies on a local or international basis. He can assist marketers achieve balance in their approach to key areas affected by the growth in digital marketing.

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