Finline Furniture

The Client

Finline is “the home of Irish sofas”, recognised as one of the nation’s leaders in handmade, heirloom-quality furnishings for the home. Finline is the largest Irish sofa manufacturer and the company makes its custom sofas at its Emo warehouse.

The Challenge

Emarkable helped Finline face a number of challenges, but of paramount importance was helping the company connect with consumers directly, while building awareness of the value of Finline’s unique product. Retailers were struggling to sell Finline’s product. Finline had to go direct. Unlike disposable furnishings that have dominated the industry in recent years, Finline’s offerings are designed to last for life. This message needed to reach the right audience of consumers directly.

A secondary challenge was to help Finline develop B2B relationships with distributors to increase visibility throughout Ireland. Finally, we were tasked with assisting Finline to build their export business and get the company’s high-quality furnishings into showrooms in the UK, across Europe, and to cement contracts with the Middle East and Chinese companies.

The project was part funded by Enterprise Ireland.

The Strategy

Emarkable built a bespoke strategy to help Finline achieve their goals, including:

  • a detailed strategy to position Finline with the right consumer, the right retailer and to develop export contracts.
  • AdWords was used to maximise visibility in the SERPs while building organic traffic
  • SEO optimisation of the company’s website to focus on hand-crafted quality and location of the retail units
  • Website redesign to showcase the design and manufacturing process, as well as the beauty of the finished product

The Implementation

Following an extensive competitive analysis and the SWOT analysis of the company and the marketplace we set about collecting the data that was to transform Finline into a B2C business – one that would appeal to the discerning buyer and ensure that the client had a reason to visit the warehouse store in Emo.

We developed Reach – the awareness of the range through search engine marketing SEO and Adwords. We also started using Facebook to engage with the right audience. Special offers were highlighted, but really it was about building a brand of quality and driving home the message that the Finline product was built to last a lifetime.

On the website we developed highly visual presentations of the products so people could experience the product, also touch and feel the product before they embarked on a journey to the warehouse. Our photographer and videographer did a wonderful job of presenting the furniture to the online customer.

The Result

The result was a change in Finline’s focus from business customers to ordinary retail consumers. We helped them convert their offering from B2B to B2C with huge changes occurring in both their digital and real-life offering. We were also successful in getting Finline products into several UK showrooms and sold product in Hong Kong, the Middle East and other export markets.

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