Farmlab Diagnostics | Emarkable Case Study -

Farmlab Diagnostics was founded in 2012 by practicing veterinary surgeons.  Highly qualified and experienced experts offer a specialised testing service to the animal health industry, as well as to veterinary practices and directly to farmers.  In addition to diagnostic testing, and the provision of products for use in this area, it has an excellent and award-winning research and development department.

Farmlab Diagnostics | Emarkable Case Study -

Farmlab needed to expand its market, and to move away from the traditional printed brochure and business form methods into digital marketing.  Initially, Emarkable was asked to design a web site to increase visibility to potential clients, but the commission expanded rapidly to develop a modern digital marketing platform, encompassing social media and blogs.  Search engine optimisation, as always, played a major part in the designs, as did clear explanations of many of the technical terms which are invariably used in leading-edge research.  Part of the Emarkable strategy was to develop a set of KPIs, enabling the team to assess the success of the programme, and to adapt and adjust it as may be necessary.

Since many of Farmlab’s clients are farmers, who do not necessarily have a high level of expertise in Information Technology, the website and the ecommerce sides of the commission need to be user-friendly.  This is particularly true where online sales are concerned, and there need to be clear product descriptions and information under categorised headings, together with simple links should further information be required.  Price lists will have to be dynamic, and changes to them should not be difficult to implement.

Farmlab requires an attractive and smart brand image, which is to be used across the entire spectrum of marketing materials, and which will be easily recognised. 

Farmlab Diagnostics | Emarkable Case Study -

Whilst needing to modernise its sales and marketing methods, Farmlab wanted to retain the more popular of its traditional ways of keeping in touch with its customer base.  Emarkable designed a new printed brochure.  Print advertisements in Veterinary journals  also formed part of the campaign.

Emarkable developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that involved generating thought leadership content that is distributed via email, social media and the company blog.

Emarkable have also developed a web-based system to manage the internal testing process, allowing Farmers and Vets to access their results via an extranet. This has allowed Farmlab to provide a more efficient and effective customer experience