Digital Marketing Strategies for Fallers
Increasing online sales for well established Irish Jewellery shop

The Client

Jewellery shop in Galway. Online sales for many years with dedicated online marketing team.

The Challenge

  • Insufficient sales online
  • Good visibility but low conversion rate
  • Work on increasing online sales

The Strategy

First step was to examine the lack of suitable traffic especially since there was a ton of products on the site – each offering an seo ranking opportunity. Problem site was not SEO friendly. So we worked with the client’s developer to optimise the site and change the site architecture so that Google could at least read the content on the many pages.

Second step was to expand the reach, through SEO, social media and email marketing. This involved working and training the internal team on blogging, social media and effective email marketing. Some of the tools that were being used and needed updating/changing and once this was under control, visitor numbers increased as did conversions and orders.

Emarkable provided a consultancy service and worked with the in-house team to develop campaigns for seasonal events e.g. Christmas, Easter and unique product offerings e.g. Claddagh rings.

Increasing Online Sales for Fallers


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Richard Coen

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