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What Role  can a Digital Marketing Agency Play? Only three short months ago, the Construction Industry Federation of Ireland CIF, tasked Emarkable to build a user-friendly, one-stop easy job advertisement platform for employers in the construction sector. With pace gathering from the recent DKM Economic Consultants ‘Demand for Skills in Construction to 2020’ report, the CIF were seeking an immediate and momentous digital channel launch for a website to go together with their press activity, economic review and prospects media campaign.

The Web Designer’s Brief – Usability is Key

The CIF instructions were very clear: To design a pragmatic and professional website where job postings become available within 24 hours of being submitted to the CIF, and the prospective applicant should be able to apply immediately online to the job posted. The design was to appeal to all sectors of construction, that is, the design must be at once professional and practical to sustain the attention of all roles representative of the construction sector. The postings were to include job titles such as: Project Quantity Surveyor, Site Manager, Junior Site Civil Engineer, Senior Site Civil Engineer, Electricians, Plumbers, Roofers, Carpenters… Thus Emarkable brought an up-down scroll design template to life to appeal to all professional levels by building an instant query search box front and centre, and subsequently designed a job-by-job scroll auto-feed uploading job posts on to CIF Twitter. Homepage

Prospective applicants can search the site on the homepage for all jobs listed under their keywords. For example, if a prospective applicant searches for ‘Electrical Project Manager Cork’, they will be given an automated list of all jobs with those search terms posted to CIFJobs.iea. Once they upload their CV and Cover Letter their application is on the way to their employer of choice.from all Irish employers with jobs available in Cork. More details relevant to the job specification are then outlined once the prospective applicant clicks on the job posting of most interest to them within the search criteria.

Embedding Branding in Digital Design – The Digital Agency’s Role

Apart from getting to the stage where the website was designed, tested and live, there was a brand management requirement. In-house graphic design needed to commence digital design for banners, call-to-action buttons, social media platform thumbnail icons, and infographics all complementary to the content already in digital existence for communications.  Palettes of colourful images, arrays of images embedded in text and geographically placed about transcripts of webpages, had to be reviewed, edited, and chosen with careful consideration. It was important to achieve consistency, simplicity, and the prospect of memorable reiteration across the digital channel for social media and website advertisement. To this end, we designed and collated the material ahead of content creation; to be ready for our digital marketing team to act with prepared content.

Capitalising on Momentum: Social Media Campaigns and Editorial Scheduling

With a plethora of potential communications pieces planned for the digital channel more generally, such as blogs, project features, news items, and pertinent social media cross-posting, Emarkable very quickly knew that a coordination strategy needed to be put in place. This was needed to both streamline and grade this information to complement the launch of the website. Cross-referencing with an itemised editorial week-by-week calendar, to centralise the stream of incoming online news by email, became central to project management. The considered themes, e.g., the call to the ‘returning Diaspora’, thorough economic review and prospect communication to the DKM ‘Demand for Skills in Construction to 2020’ theme needed to be implicitly embedded in the digital channel sequence of material, regardless of individual theme.

To this end, two concurrent social media campaigns were developed by Emarkable’s marketing team. They were the ’12 Jobs of Christmas Campaign’ for the November-December ‘Returning Diaspora Theme’ period, and the ‘CIF Demand for Skills in Construction Infographic Campaign’ for the Spring,  and the ongoing dissemination of the DKM report findings to a mass target audience. The objective was to create upper—funnel brand awareness for the campaign within the dialogue of economic recovery and digital sentiment. The result being the relative increase in site traffic generated by, in what would be a traditionally low site traffic time-period in the marketing year. That said, the momentum was not to be lost. In quick succession, Emarkable designed and implemented a digital statistical campaign to impress upon the construction industry’s professionals that the demand for skills in the construction industry was real and here to stay.

By keeping our finger on the pulse of the DKM report’s findings, we were able to sustain the engagement online, and thereby sustain building upon the thematic message of the ‘Returning Diaspora’ and economic prospects review. Was all of this effort successful? Bottom-line – Yes. received over a dozen newspaper, radio, and online mentions to date – and counting!

To find out more about the success of this campaign website launch and Emarkable’s digital marketing strategy successes you can read through the collated media news pieces below, or visit Emarkable on our website or blog.

Written by Michelle B. Cowley PGDipStat BA DPhil – Account Manager

In the Wake of the Launch – Media Impact

Financial Times (Dec 2016) mention for eCommerce project.
Irish Times Online (Dec 2016)
Irish Building Magazine (Dec 2016) mention for eCommerce project.
Irish Farmers Journal (Dec 2016) mention eCommerce project.
The Longford Leader (Dec 2016)
Waterford Today (Dec 2016)