Byrne Looby Partners
Emarkable Internet Marketing Campaign for BLP

Developed a digital marketing campaign that worked for various markets around the world.

The Client

The client here was a long-established Geotechnical Engineering Company with international offices in Europe and the Middle East.

The Challenge

Bryne Looby Partners wanted to develop a website and a digital marketing campaign that would be international, yet be appropriate for the country they wanted to reach.
The challenge was to adapt the language, tone and content so that it was accessible and intelligible to audiences outside Ireland, and if possible, to make it localised for individual countries.

The Strategy

Bryne Looby Partners have an excellent record in providing solutions to international engineering projects. They have completed many such projects due to the skilled, high-quality staff they employ. So we developed a three-part strategy based on their USPs – their record of achievement and their skill base.

 We planned to use case studies, team profiles and an explanation of the services provided to show new customers what the company does, the people who do it, and how they can help particular customers.


Content gathering is always a difficult part of every project. BLP supplied wonderful material, dramatic ‘Wow’ images of all stages of projects – from ground investigations to large-scale images taken from great heights.

Each project was carefully documented and written in a way that was helpful and informative to the user, and allowed them to see the quality and level of professionalism that went into each project. We even supplied projects in Arabic for some of the clients in the Middle East.

The project galleries were customised to provide interactive images, and BLP was trained in the updating of the site and each particular component.

An International Internet Marketing Campaign for BLP
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