BM Transport
B M Transport

BM Transport has been established for over twenty years; it has grown steadily during that time, and now runs over a hundred trucks and four hundred trailers.  Based in County Monaghan, with centres in Dublin, Liverpool and Coventry numbers several ‘Blue Chip’ organisations among its customers. 

BM Transport commissioned Emarkable to produce a marketing strategy with a difference, something that would make it stand out from the standard ‘haulage company’ images.  At the same time, it wanted to stress its experience in the field of building logistical links between the UK and Ireland.

It also looked to Emarkable to find a way of boosting its sales in the UK.  In the fiercely competitive UK haulage market, Emarkable recognised that demonstrating the provision of an efficient service would not itself be enough to achieve this objective.

Emarkable’s approach to this challenge was to make the website better, sharper, clearer and more attractive.  This meant finding the best possible images, and developing a company message in a way that made it readable, and attractive.  The website was designed to be eye-catching, but also to enable intuitive navigation.

Search engine optimisation has produced a range of keywords in the top search rankings in the UK and Ireland, which in turn has led to a larger volume of visitors and enquiries to BM Transport.

Ecommerce was also part of the brief, and Emarkable developed an on-line booking system to help existing clients and to attract new custom.  The website is aimed at both the Irish and the UK markets.  Emarkable recognises the important truth that when customers have a wide range of suppliers from which to choose, ease of access can be a deciding factor and this is where a website that is found easily on Google and has a solid customer experience can make a difference.

As BM Transport grows and develops, with, for example, a recent move to new offices, so the website needs to change.   Advances in technology and the use B M Transport makes of those advances, also need to be emphasised, and as both are on-going Emarkable has developed a partnership role with BM Transport in marketing the new services.